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In May, Major Cooper made a two-day, 22-orbit trip around the earth in a space capsule. The
American Heart Association opened its drive against cigarette smoking. Zip codes for mail
were instituted on July 1. The nation was stunned on November 23 by the assassination of
President Kennedy in Dallas, Texas. Lyndon B. Johnson succeeded to the presidency. America's
U2 spy plane revealed Soviet missiles in Cuba. First-class postage rose to five cents. Poet
Robert Frost died. Mickey Mantle signed a one-year contract with the New York Yankees for
$100,000. Brian Sternberg set a pole-vault record at 16 feet five inches. The US Navy atomic
submarine Thresher was lost in 8,400 feet of water with a crew of 129. Pope John XXIII died
and was succeeded by Pope Paul VI. A direct communication link between Washington and
Moscow became operational. A British mail train was robbed of over $5 million. Craig
Breedlove set a world land-speed record of 407.45 mph. Barbara Tuchman's
The Guns of
won the Pulitzer Prize.
• President Whitson
• Family-Style Dining
• President's Medallion
• Soccer
• Congratulatory Telegrams
• Tamaracs
• Tournament of Knights
• Clarkson Coed
• Damon Hall
• FM Station
• Weston's
• New Fraternity
• New Faculty
• LS and MA Degrees
• Pep Rally
• DU Adopted Orphan
• Launch Pad
• Knight Sign
• Tops in ECAC
• "Huddy" Died
• Whitson's Promises
President Whitson.
On Friday, September 20, William Louis Whitson was inaugurated as
Clarkson's 10th president. Following two Canadian bagpipers playing a familiar Scottish song,
this inaugural procession came down the hill from Holcroft and moved slowly across the lawn
in front of Men's Residence [now Hamlin-Powers] to a long, open-sided tent. Over 100
representatives in full academic regalia from colleges, universities, learned societies, and
professional organizations followed the flag bearers and marshalls. Next came 10
representatives of Clarkson organizations including Phalanx, Student Council, IFC, Lewis
House Board, and the class presidents. Then came the faculty, the alumni officers, the College
marshall, and the charter and medallion bearers. At the end of the procession were the Trustees
and the inaugural party. Providing music for this solemn occasion was the Crane Symphony led
by Maurice Baritaud.
President's Medallion.
At this inauguration, Adger Johnson, chairman of the Board of
Trustees, handed President Whitson the charter, and then hung the Clarkson medallion from his
shoulders, symbolizing the responsibilities and authorities delegated to him by the Board of
Trustees. Being used for the first time, this medallion, created by Tiffany and Company, bears
the Clarkson coat of arms on one side, and the following quotation written by Matthew
Clarkson in 1690, on the other:
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