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The Supreme Court ruled that congressional districts within the states must be substantially
equal in population, and that both houses of state legislatures must be apportioned on the basis
of population. Anchorage, Alaska, suffered an earthquake in March. The Gulf of Tonkin
incident in August resulted later in a major military involvement of the US in Vietnam.
President Lyndon Johnson was reelected. In July, he signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The
Verrazano Bridge, the world's longest suspension bridge (6,690 feet), opened across the New
York Harbor Narrows. Tokyo hosted the Olympics, and barred South Africa for apartheid.
Boston Celtics won their sixth consecutive NBA title. Ford Motor Co. introduced the Mustang.
Sandy Koufax pitched his third no-hitter. Fred Hansen pole-vaulted to a new world record of
17 feet one inch. Craig Breedlove set world land-speed record of 526.28 mph. Moviegoers
flocked to
My Fair Lady
the Greek
. Poitier won an Oscar for
Lilies of the Field
Martin Luther King, Jr., won the Nobel Peace Prize.
First PhD
BS Degrees
School of Management
Women Students
$22 Million Campus Expansion
Rocket Societ Tower
Astronautical Ass’n Citation
$1,000 Check
New Flag Design
Senior Ball
Wrestlers Undefeated
Corby Adams, All-American
Jack Phillips, Baseball Coach
Pep Band
Karma, Again
Faculty Tenure
First PhD
. In June, Clarkson awarded its first PhD (chemistry) to Adria Catala, as 300 other
students received bachelor's and 38 received master's degrees. As a US Public Health Service
Pre-Doctoral Fellow at Clarkson for two years, Ms. Catala worked for her PhD degree with
Clarkson professor and medical research specialist Frank Popp. A native of Havana, Cuba, Dr.
Catala joined the faculty for a year as an instructor of chemistry, after completing her degree.
BS Degrees
. For the first time since 1934, engineering students received a bachelor of science
degree in their chosen field. In the interim, they had received bachelors of civil engineering, of
chemical engineering, etc. New York State required that a student take 50% of his or her
academic work in the arts and sciences, and 50% in engineering (or management, etc.) for a
bachelor of science degree. Only 25% in arts and sciences was required for a bachelor of
engineering degree.
School of Management
. The School of Business Administration became the School of
Management; fall enrollment was 1,934.
Women Students
. Clarkson returned to co-education with the enrollment of nine women. The
nine were Joyce Bator, Andrea Bridge, Grace Canning, Catherine Fry, Karen Politica, Mary
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