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Two architectural and engineering achievements were the opening of the Houston Astrodome
and the topping of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. The first manned Gemini flight took place in
March, the first US space walk from Gemini 4 in June, the eight-day flight of Gemini 5 in
August, and the 14-day, 206-orbit flight of Gemini 7 and rendezvous with Gemini 6 in space in
December. The Watts riots occurred in Los Angeles. Malcolm X was assassinated. Sandy
Koufax pitched a "perfect game," only the eighth in professional major-league baseball history.
In November, 80,000 square miles of the Northeast experienced an electric power blackout.
The US GNP rose from $628 to $672 billion. BASIC programming language was developed at
Dartmouth College.
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• Brunauer Appointed
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Campus Items.
Graduated were 320 bachelor's, 50 master's, and five PhDs. Mundy Peale
succeeded Adger Johnson as Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and tuition rose to $1,700 a
year. Residence Hall No. 5 (now Price Hall) was under construction, with a plan of four wings
around a central core.
Dr. John B. Russell was appointed dean of engineering. Obtaining his BSEE (1928),
MSEE (1931), and DSc in EE (1950) from MIT, he taught for two years before joining General
Electric's Electronics Laboratory, which he left to join Clarkson's administration.
Air Force Major General Ernest M. Moore, Ret., was appointed vice president of
student affairs. When he retired from the Air Force in 1961, General Moore was responsible for
the supervision and direction of the air defense of the United States.
John Chapple was appointed director of admissions, replacing Kenneth Nourse. Chapple
joined Clarkson from Franklin College, Ind. Frank Gutmann '38 was appointed director of
business operations for the College.
Dascomb Forbush joined the faculty as professor and chairman of the economics
department. He came to Clarkson from Northwestern. He received his BA from Oberlin, and
his MBA and PhD from Harvard.
Brunauer Appointed.
Dr. Stephen Brunauer, research scientist, author, and lecturer in the
field of colloid and surface chemistry, joined the faculty as professor and chairman of the
chemistry department. His work, &i Physical Adsorption of Gases and Vapors&n, was
considered a classic in the field. During World War II, as an officer in the USNR, he was
assigned to administer the development of high explosives. In that capacity he persuaded Albert
Einstein to serve as a consultant, and worked with him for three years. In 1961, he won the
$1,000 Kendall Award for his work in adsorption, particularly in the development of the
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