A Clarkson Mosaic - page 352

Seventy-Fifth Year
US forces aided the South Vietnamese invasion of Laos. Charles Manson and three followers
were found guilty of seven murders. Great Britain adopted decimal currency ending 1,000-year
history of pound/shilling/pence currency. The 26
Amendment lowered the voting age to 18.
Publication of the
Pentagon Papers
by the
N.Y. Times
Washington Post
was upheld by the
Supreme Court as a First Amendment right. Over 1,000 state troopers and police stormed the
Attica (NY) State Correction Facility to suppress a four-day rebellion. Government surveys
revealed that one-third of US college students had smoked "pot." Wouk's
The Winds of War
was best seller. On TV, the
Ed Sullivan Show
ended a 23-year run and
All In The Family
became the most popular new show. The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts opened in
Washington, D.C. Dallas beat Miami in the Super Bowl. School financing based on local
property taxes was declared unconstitutional. The US table-tennis team opened the diplomatic
doors of China by "ping-pong" diplomacy. Lee Trevino won the US Open, Canadian Open, and
British Open golf matches within one month.
• Hank Hodge Honored
• All-ECAC Hockey Players
• Snowstorm Holiday
• Chess Club Wins
• Degrees Awarded
• Dean Benson Died
• Walker Renovation
• 10,000th Graduate
Clarkson At 75
• Mickey Moore
• Sigma Xi Installed
• Motorized Wheelchair
• Science Center
• Motorized Roller Skates
• ROTC on Campus
• Social Sciences Degrees
• New Computer
• Bradley, Alcoa Professor
• Presidential Scholar
• Canoes
• Bullock, All-American
• Soccer
• Dragon Squad
• Mobile Laboratory
• Pres. Ross Died
• Black Graduate Student
• Provost Office
• Department Name Changes
• Superschool
• BPS Degrees
• "Little Blue Box"
• Snell Hall Renovation
Hank Hodge Honored.
Henry R. Hodge, baseball coach at Clarkson for 35 years and director
of athletics for 23, was elected into the American Association of College Baseball Coaches Hall
of Fame in Houston, Texas. As a charter member of that association, organized in 1945, Hank
held a unique distinction of having developed 16 college baseball players who later played
Two of his team members played with the New York Yankees at the same time: Jack
Phillips '43 and Emerson Roser '41. Phillips played first base, and Roser pitched for Yankee
manager Joe McCarthy, and then for the Boston Braves. Phillips returned to Clarkson as varsity
baseball coach. (See 1980)
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