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The US military draft ended. John Dean told the Senate that President Nixon and his staff had
conspired to cover up the facts of Watergate. Gerald Ford was appointed vice president to
replace Spiro Agnew who resigned over a tax evasion scandal. Former President Lyndon
Johnson died. American Indian supporters seized the Sioux hamlet of Wounded Knee in South
Dakota. USSR leader Brezhnev visited the US. US launched Skylab I, the first orbiting space
station. Tom Bradley was elected as the first black mayor of Los Angeles. Seven Watergate
burglars were put on trial. The four top aides to President Nixon resigned over Watergate. US
rationed gasoline as a result of OPEC oil embargo. Paris peace talks ended the Vietnam War.
The American League in baseball introduced the designated hitter to bat for pitchers. Winning
its 75th basketball game in a row, UCLA won its seventh straight NCAA title. Secretariat won
the Kentucky Derby in record time and went on to win the Triple Crown. Moviegoers watched
The Sting, Sleeper
The Exorcist
, and
American Graffiti
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At its mid-winter meeting on February 7, 1973, the Board of Trustees approved a
tuition of $2,625 for the academic year 1973-74, an increase of $165 or 6.6=% over the current
fee for 1972-73. Faculty and staff were cut back, salaries were frozen, and general expenses
were reduced. President Graham stated:
These increases are mandated by steadily rising costs and follow a year of considerable
austerity. In the face of steadily rising prices and wages, the Clarkson administration exercised
every measure at its command to reduce operating costs in 1972-73 without lowering the
College's educational quality.
Student Development Center.
To provide personal counseling, group counseling,
psychological and occupational testing, Gary Kelly, and James Cerio, Counselor, began a
Human Sexuality Program, Drug Awareness Program, and the Peer Counselor Training
Program in Reynolds House on the Hill Campus on July 1. Growing under the perceived need
of the students, these Programs moved from Reynolds House to Holcroft and finally to Price
Hall as space needs became apparent. Special services were added, such as tutors for the
disadvantaged students, which itself grew to become an important student help unit on its
own, requiring four professionals and a secretary.
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