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Anthracite coal miners went out on strike. The Wright Brothers successfully flew their third
glider. Michigan defeated Stanford in the first Rose Bowl game, 49-0. Floradora became
longest running show on Broadway with its 505th performance. Oliver Wendell Holmes was
appointed to the US Supreme Court. The first Cadillac car was sold in Buffalo, N.Y. French
novelist Emile Zola died at age 62. The most popular song was
In The Good Old Summer
, and the most popular novel was Owen Wister's
The Virginian
Tuition Raised
Founder’s Day
Domestic Engineering
Domestic Science
Domestic Art
Faculty Loads
Ninety-two students were enrolled: 62 in engineering and 30 in home science.
Tuition Raised.
Tuition was increased $20 to a total of $100.
Founder's Day.
Founder's Day was celebrated on December 1, instead of November 30,
Thomas Clarkson's birthday.
Required of all students to graduate, theses were to be written with black copying
record ink on one side only of Crane's Japanese linen paper 8 x 10 1/2 inches in size, with
margins of 1 1/4 inches on the left inner edge, and 1 inch on each of the other edges of the
Domestic Engineering.
Shortly after Clarkson opened, it added the degree in Domestic
Engineering to go into effect in September 1902. This four-year course leading to a
baccalaureate degree aimed to prepare women to teach the technical branches of Home
Economics as well as the efficient management and supervision of the home. It paralleled the
regular engineering courses by including instruction on the vocations within women's sphere
just as the engineering courses included instruction in the professions of men. Students enrolled
in the same engineering course work except that home economics was substituted for shop
work and surveying.
The last two years of specialized instruction involved considerable work with the
engineering students. Each senior in the course was required to conduct 20 exercises in student
teaching- in cooking and 10 in sewing.
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