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President Carter pardoned Vietnam war evaders. Convicted murderer Gary Gilmore was
executed by firing squad in Utah. Steve Jobs and Steve Wosniak invented the Apple II computer.
Elvis Presley died in Memphis. The Soviet Union replaced the 1936 Stalin constitution. Sadat
visited Israel. The first woman was ordained a priest in the Episcopal Church. Queen Elizabeth
celebrated 25 years on the British throne. The New York Yankees won the World Series. Video
cassette recorders transformed home TV viewing habits. A New York City blackout of 25 hours
led to violence, looting, and vandalism. Steve Cauthen, a 17-year-old jockey, rode 23 winners
in one week in January, and broke the all-time earnings record during the season by winning
$6,151,750. Julie Harris brought Emily Dickinson alive on Broadway in
The Belle of Amherst.
Peter Finch (posthumously) and Faye Dunaway won Oscars. More Americans went to
symphony concerts than to baseball games. Rostropovich became the musical director of the
National Symphony in Washington. Special effects in Lucas'
Star Wars
revolutionized movie
making. Colleen McCullough's novel,
The Thorn Birds
, became a best seller.
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Construction began for the new Educational Resources Center to house the functions of
the library and computing center along with facilities for technologically assisted education.
(See p. 475) The building was scheduled for completion in spring 1980. Its cornerstone is a
block of Potsdam sandstone taken from Old Main, signifying continuity of Clarkson's tradition
of excellence.
For the second consecutive year, Clarkson's student section of the Society of Women
Engineers was named best section not only in the northeast region but in the United States. Its
members received a plaque commemorating their achievement and a check for $400 from
Union Carbide.
NASA Support.
Professors R. Shankar Subramanian and Robert Cole developed techniques to
process glass in outer space. NASA supported their efforts with $554,973, the largest research
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