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President Carter stopped production of the neutron bomb. Congress voted to turn the Panama
Canal over to Panama in 1999. California voters approved Proposition 13 which cut property
taxes in the state by 57%. Carter brought Sadat and Begin to agree on peace at the Camp
David Peace Accord. Leon Spinks defeated Muhammad Ali for the world heavyweight boxing
Annie Hall
, Richard Dreyfuss, and Diane Keaton won Oscars. The mandatory retirement
age in the US rose from 65 to 70. Postage rates rose from 13 to 15 cents. The world's first test-
tube baby, Louise Joy Brown, was born in England. Pope John Paul I died after 34 days in
office and John Paul II was elected pope. Allan Bakke won a reverse discrimination suit
against University of California Medical School. The worst ever blizzard paralyzed New
England as record snow fell in Boston and Providence. The Nobel Peace Prize went to Israel's
Begin and Egypt's Sadat. Russian astronauts set a spaceflight endurance record of 139 days.
• Entering Class
• Biology Degree
• Extracurricular Activities
• Beta Gamma Sigma Honorary
• George Jones Died
• Sports and Recreation Center
• Foundation Curriculum
• Bayard Clarkson
• Grading Scale Enlarged
• Entrepreneurship
• Women's Hockey
• ROTC Award Winner
• Dressage Winner
• Women Athletes Honored
• Goodenough House
• Rugby
• Woodchip Conference
• "Closed Book, Closed Notes"
• New Faculty
• Arnold Barben
• AEPi Honored
• URP Program
• Pease on TV
• Research
• SWE Best
• Basketball
• Homecoming Resumed
Entering Class.
For the entering class in fall 1979, Clarkson had 3.5 applicants for every
position. The class that entered was the most highly qualified in Clarkson's history. Over 25
percent graduated in the top five percent of their high school classes, and 80 percent in the top
25 percent.
Extracurricular Activities.
Taking advantage of the twin goals of Clarkson announced by
President Plane in 1975-to be both personal and
professional-Clarkson students broadened
their personalism by participating actively in extracurricular activities. Guy Arnold, director of
intramurals, recorded over 5,800 student players on intramural teams.
That figure breaks down to reveal that the "average" Clarkson student played on 1.9
intramural teams during the year. There were 98 basketball teams, 74 volleyball teams, 67
hockey squads, and 67 softball teams. Further surveys revealed that 85 percent of the students
attended at least one on-campus movie per semester, while 50 percent viewed five or more per
semester. And more than 70 percent participated at one time or another in a campus-sponsored
bus trip to some cultural or sporting event.
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