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AT&T divested itself of 22 telephone companies. San Francisco 49ers won Super Bowl XVI. An
Air Florida jet crashed into a Washington, D.C. bridge killing 78 persons. The
ceased publication after 134 years. Wayne Gretzky broke the National Hockey League
record of 76 by scoring 93 goals. Princess Diana bore the heir to the English throne. Major
banks lowered prime interest rate from 15 to 13.5%.
set a 30-day box-office record of
$102.6 million. Henry Fonda, Ingrid Bergman, and Princess Grace (Kelly) of Monaco died.
NFL players struck for two months. The first artificial heart was implanted. Halley's comet
appeared; it was last seen in 1911. John Belushi, actor, died of a drug overdose. The second
longest lunar eclipse occurred on July 5-6. Great Britain defeated Argentina in the Falklands
War. Claus von Bulow was found guilty of attempting to murder his wife. Oscars went to
Katherine Hepburn, Henry Fonda, and
Chariots of Fire
. Other movies included Gandhi,
Sophie's Choice
, and
Coughlan ran a 3:50.6 indoor mile.
• Student Initiative
• Rubik's Cube Contest
• Two Students Died
• Outstanding Woman
• Women's Rugby
• Basketball Stars
• Bed Race
• Misiaszek Awarded
Who's Who
• Soccer All-American
• Wrestling Champs
Green Machine
• Two Professors Died
• Soccer Stars
• Hockey
Touch Tomorrow
• Communication Skills
• ERC Design Praised
• Hobey Baker Nominee
• Women's Soccer
• Women's Tennis
Student Initiative.
David Maine '82, second string goalie, was determined to become a better
goalie, so he designed a machine that would shoot pucks at him. He reasoned that he would
improve if the machine shot pucks at his weak spot instead of firing them at him randomly. He
adjusted the machine to fire pucks at over 100 miles an hour at his left shoulder, and so he
really improved. Naming it the "Green Machine," David entered this in an engineering
competition for the eastern region, and won a prize.
Two Students Died.
Over Christmas break, Carl Markert, junior ID, reportedly wandered away
from a campsite north of Syracuse, and was never heard from again. Due to the severe weather,
he was listed as missing and presumed dead. Kevin Algaier, senior EE, died at his home of
heart failure. Memorial services for the two students were held in the Newman Center in
Women's Rugby.
Practicing every Monday and Wednesday for its first game on September 25,
the team faced an eight-game season against Albany RFC, RIT, Syracuse, Potsdam State,
Siena, Burlington, Plattsburgh, and Hamilton.
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