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Theodore Roosevelt was elected president. Frank Lloyd Wright in Chicao designed the first
building for poured concrete construction. The Louisiana Purchase Exposition opened in St.
Louis. As an adjunct to this Fair, the Third Olympic games were held, but only six foreign
countries sent teams; the United States won 22 of the 23 field events. Archie Hahn (USA) won
the 100-meter dash in 11.0 seconds. New York passed the first speed limit law: 20 mph in open
country, 15 in villages, and 10 in built-up areas. The first tunnel under the Hudson River was
constructed by the NY & NJ Railroad. John Fleming of England invented the diode vacuum
tube. Helen Keller graduated with honors from Radcliffe College. The New York City subway
opened in October. Ian Pavlov won the Nobel Prize for stimulus studies with dogs.
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Clarkson Tech Club.
Across Maple Street from Trinity Episcopal Church, the founders of the
School erected a substantial stone building which was equipped and fitted as a club house and
home for the social activities of the students. To execute the provisions of this gift, the Clarkson
Tech Club was organized on March 29, 1904, to provide a meeting place for both students and
faculty, to promote the true Clarkson spirit, and to “cultivate a high type of manhood.”
Its management was vested in the Directorate, made up of faculty who also were
members of the club, and one member from each of the four classes. All registered members of
the engineering classes and courses in regular attendance and in good standing, as well as
alumni of the school and honorary members were extended the privileges of the club house. It
was open daily within specified hours, and its annual expenses were met by voluntary
subscriptions of members.
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