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The space shuttle
exploded 54 seconds after take-off killing all seven astronauts
aboard. The Statue of Liberty celebrated its 100
anniversary. Martin Luther King Jr. Day was
celebrated for the first time on January 15. The Canadian dollar sank to a record low of 69
cents against the US dollar. Texas Air purchased Eastern Airlines to create the largest US
airline. Robert Penn Warren was chosen to become the first American Poet Laureate.
Out of
won seven Oscars. Jack Nicklaus won golf's Masters Tournament for a record 6th time.
The world's worst nuclear disaster occurred at Chernobyl, near Kiev, killing at least 18, and
spreading radioactive debris across northern Europe. More than five million volunteers joined
hands nearly coast to coast in the Hands Across America benefit for the homeless.
Cagney and
, a drama about two policewomen, won four Emmys, including best drama series. The
New York Mets won the World Series. Investor Ivan Boesky paid $50 million fine, and gave up
another $50 million in illegal profits from insider trading on Wall Street. An experimental
, flew around the world nonstop without refueling.
• Freshman Profile
• Blood Bank Record
• Placement Facts
• Human Sled-dog Race
• Most Engineering Degrees
• New Fraternity Rush
• Lowest Loan Default
• Gazebo
• Record Alumni Giving
• Women's Basketball
• NASA Center
• Peer Counseling
• CAMP Building
• Off-campus Housing
• Hockey Record
• Basketball Woes
• Rugby Club
• Hockey
• Drinking Age
• Delta Zeta
• Hawelka Murder
• Ski Team Third
• Shantytown
• Swimmer to Nationals
• Hantz Died
• Crystal Growth
• Graduation Requirement
Freshman Profile.
Applications for the 1987 freshman class totaled 3,319 with 24
valedictorians and 17 salutatorians. The average combined SAT scores of the entering freshmen
was 1,162, well above the 970 national average. This placed Clarkson in the top 11 percent of
colleges and universities and allowed the University to be listed in
Peterson's Guide to Selective
(See 1985)
Placement Facts.
More than 90 percent of the Class of 1985 had been placed professionally by
the end of summer 1986 and were earning a total of more than $18.5 million. With 954 out of
970 bachelor's degree recipients (98.4%) reporting and accounted for, 733 were professionally
employed, 94 attended graduate school, and 37 were in military service. The average starting
salary was $24,517.
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