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President Reagan and Soviet President Gorbachev signed an Intermediate-Range Nuclear
Force Treaty (INF). George Bush was elected president. The US Navy shot down an Iraqi
airliner with 290 aboard lost. The Washington Redskins won Superbowl XXII. A new musical
by Andrew Lloyd Weber,
Phantom of the Opera
, opened on Broadway with a record $18 million
in advance ticket sales. First-class postage rates rose to 25 cents. Gorbachev proposed
(openness) and
(economic restructuring) as internal economic reforms.
Gilbert, the strongest hurricane ever in the Gulf of Mexico, produced the lowest barometer
reading of 26.13 and sustained winds of 190 mph, killed over 300 people, and caused $10
billion in damages. The Writers Guild struck Hollywood for five months. The US government
sent AIDS pamphlets to 106 million American households in the first nationwide mailing about
a health crisis. Daedalus 88, a pedal-powered aircraft, flew 74 miles between the Greek islands
of Crete and Thira. Florence Griffith Joyner set the world record for 100 yards in 10.49
seconds. Wayne Gretzky was traded to the LA Kings in one of the largest sports deals; it
involved other players, draft picks, and $15 million cash. A PanAm jet crashed in Lockerbie,
Scotland, killing all 259 aboard and 11 on the ground. Sheilah Ryan claimed $55.16 million in
the Florida lottery, the largest amount ever won by one person.
• President Gallagher
• Staff Unionization
• Research Dean
• Soccer
• Alcohol Survey
• Loafing for Hunger
• Phonathon Record
• Graham Won Barben Award
• Canadian-US Business
• BS in Computer Engineering
• Accreditation Reaffirmed
• Soccer
• Class of 1992
• Women Basketballers
• Most Degrees
• New Hockey Tradition
• Real Clarkson Family
• Job Searches
• "Safer Sex Kits"
• Ice Ties
• Diotec
Peterson's Guide
• Phi Theta Kappa
• Robot Program
• Alka-Seltzer Power
• Pep Band Out
President Gallagher.
Richard H. Gallagher, provost and vice president for academic affairs at
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, Mass., became Clarkson's fourteenth president
effective July 1. He replaced R. Thomas Williamson who had served one year as acting
president following the resignation of Allan H. Clark in 1986.
His inauguration in mid-October featured an international economic symposium titled,
Trade and Technology: Economic Opportunities with Freer Trade.
Members of the panel
participating in this symposium included the US Ambassador to Canada, Thomas M. Niles; the
Canadian Ambassador to the US, Allan E. Gotlieb; NY Lieutenant Governor Stanley Lundine;
Daniel Walsh, president of NY State's Business Council; Firman Bentley, president of Polysar
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