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The Soviet Union officially dissolved on December 25. The 56 thirty-second commercial spots
on television at the 27th Super Bowl between the New York Giants and the Buffalo Bills cost
advertisers $800,000 each as the Giants defeated the Buffalo Bills 20-19 in the closest Super
Bowl game ever. The Desert Storm War between Iraq and most of the rest of the world began
on January 17; it ended 36 days later on February 28 after Iraq agreed to withdraw completely
from Kuwait. United States General Norman Swartzkopf was the hero of this conflict, and in
May was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his leadership of the allied forces during that war.
Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas defended himself before a Senate committee against
sexual harassment charges. All American and British hostages held in Lebanon were released.
Philippine Mount Pinatubo erupted, burying towns under tons of ash and forcing a US air base
to close. US postage rose from 25 to 29 cents. Four Los Angeles police officers were indicted in
connection with the videotaped beating of unarmed black motorist Rodney King. The Dow-
Jones average closed over 3,000 for the first time ever.
Dances With Wolves
won seven Oscars
including best picture. TV's
went off the air after 14 seasons. Boris Yeltsin became
Russia's first popularly elected president. Carl Lewis set a world 100-yard-dash record of 9.86
seconds; Soviet pole-vaulter broke the 20-foot mark.
• Golden Knights Hockey
• Special Postage Cancellation
• WAC Replaced WPE
• New Arena
• Growing Crystals in Space
• "Trustees on Ice"
• Small Business Course
• HS Teachers Honored
Best of the Rest
• International Conferences
• Lewis House Meals
• Tretowicz, Olympian
• Scholarship Standards
• Formula SAE Car
• Damon and Peyton Halls
• Project Challenge
• Culture Night
• Walker Arena Closed
• "Annual" Snowball Fight
• CE Videos
• ID Became IE&M
• Lady Knights Basketball
• Distinguished Professor
• Bridge-building Contest
• 25,000th Graduate
• Cheel Campus Center
Golden Knights Hockey.
After a flashy start of five wins, the Knights stumbled and lost
several close games. They recovered, however, and went on to post a 26-7-2 record.
Included in that record was Clarkson's defeat of Princeton in the last game in Walker
Arena. This victory marked the first season since 1971 that Clarkson went undefeated on its
home ice, and the first time ever since the arena was named for Murray Walker in 1975.
Brown's defeat of Cornell the night before boosted Clarkson into a first-place tie with Cornell
with just two games left in the regular season. The Golden Knights captured their first ECAC
Regular Season Championship since 1982, and a trip to the ECAC Final Four at the Boston
There, by defeating St. Lawrence 5-4, the team captured the ECAC Championship for
the first time in 25 years, and the first since the ECAC final four moved to Boston Garden in
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