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Bill Clinton was elected president. Famine in Somalia prompted the UN to send in troops to
protect food distribution. Five days of riots destroyed much of central Los Angeles after police
officers were acquitted of beating black motorist Rodney King. Hurricane Andrew devastated
southern Florida and the Louisiana coast doing $30 billion in damage; hurricane Iniki
destroyed much of Kauai, Hawaii. The Washington Redskins won Superbowl XXVI. Macy's, the
world's largest retail chain, declared bankruptcy. Boxer Mike Tyson was sentenced to six years
for rape. Jeffrey Dahmer was sentenced to 15 consecutive life terms for murdering 15 people.
Duke repeated as NCAA basketball champions, the first team to repeat wins since 1973.
Yugoslavia disintegrated into Bosnia, Croatia, Hercegovina, and Slovenia. Manuel Noriega
was sentenced to 40 years for drug trafficking. The US Supreme court upheld the Roe v. Wade
decision that declared abortion constitutional. The Summer Olympics in Barcelona hosted a
record number of 172 nations and territories.
The Silence of the Lambs
and its stars, Anthony
Hopkins and Jodie Foster, won Oscars
• Snell Award
• Hockey Telecast
• Alumnus Trustee Chairman
• CU in Winter Olympics
• Athletic Hall of Fame
• Canadian Ice
• On the Space Shuttle
• Science Olympiad
• Ice Carnival
Who's Who
• Investment Game
• Prof's
Who's Who
• Tuition
• Changes and Promotions
• French Knights
• Laboratory Fire
• Schuler Bequest
• Global Obstacles
• Hockey at Cheel
• A Piece of the Sun
• "Rape 101"
• Presidential Switch
Snell Award.
US representative David O'Brien Martin, R-Morristown, was presented with
Clarkson's Bertrand H. Snell Award on October 17. This award was created in 1981 to
recognize individuals of outstanding merit. Mr. Martin was recognized for this award for his 12
years of service to New York's 26
Congressional District.
A graduate of Notre Dame University, Mr. Martin enlisted in the US Marines and
served as a radar interceptor officer on an F-4 Phantom jet during the Vietnam War. He had
served in the St. Lawrence County Legislature and the New York State Assembly before being
elected to Congress in 1980. Previous winners are listed in the Appendix.
Alumnus Trustee Chairman.
Ralph G. Hawes '55, retired vice president of General Dynamics
Corporation, became chairman of Clarkson's Board of Trustees in October. Hawes had enrolled
at Clarkson as an electrical engineering major on a scholarship sponsored by alumnus Clarke
Joy '29. Joy placed only one condition on his scholarship to Hawes: that someday he do
something good for Clarkson.
Already a member of the Board for several years when he was elevated to its
chairmanship, Hawes stated that he believes that the school must strike a balance between the
dual importance of teaching and research.
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