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Los Angeles was struck by an earthquake measuring 6.7 on the Richter scale, leaving 57 dead
and 25,000 homeless. Dallas won the Super Bowl defeating Buffalo 30-13. A record 80 nations
participated in the Winter Olympics at Lillehammer, Norway. An L.A. jury awarded Rodney
King $3.8 million in damages for his police beating. Jackie Kennedy died. Brazil won the
World Cup soccer championship in Pasadena, Calif. About 350,000 people celebrated
Woodstock's 25th anniversary. US troops landed in Haiti to restore the country's elected
leadership to power. The Channel Tunnel opened, connecting Great Britain and France. O.J.
Simpson was indicted for double murder. Tanya Harding was permanently banned from figure-
skating competition for her involvement in the attack on fellow-skater, Nancy Kerrigan. Major
League baseball players and National Hockey league skaters went on strike. A flesh-eating
bacteria appeared in the US. Movie hits included
The Lion King
Forrest Gump
. Tom
Hanks won an Oscar for
Philadelphia. Schindler's List
won seven Oscars including Best
Picture. Heather Whitestone from Florida became the first deaf Miss America.
• Gallagher's Retirement
• Disadvantaged Help
• "Puck-A-Buck"
• Other Athletic Stars
• Bray Retired
• Snail Eyes
• Mini-Baja: 3rd
• Sunrayce '95
• Speedier Federal Loans.
• Virtual Reality
• Video Conferencing
• Paper Sludge
• Doctoral Programs Approved
• Hamster Wheel
• 1,000th Hockey Win
• CD-Rom Class Work
• Basketball Whizzes
• Minority Grant
• Hobey Baker Again
• Ramsdell Died
• Clarkson Olympians
• Climbing Wall
• BS in Three Years
• Cross-country Cyclist
• Chi Phi
Who's Who: Students
Gallagher's Retirement.
At the spring faculty meeting, President Gallagher announced his
plan to retire at the end of the academic year 1994-95, that is, on June 30, 1995. In his seven
years as president, Gallagher led the school to the successful completion of the Design for the
Future capital campaign which raised beyond its announced goal of $40 million. When it
concluded, the Campaign had amassed over $58 million in pledges and gifts, and upon Andrew
Schuler's death, an additional $20 million was added. This paid for the Cheel Campus Center.
With Cheel, the CAMP Building, and extensive landscaping, the hill campus underwent
dramatic changes.
Both children and adults were given the chance to write a message to their
favorite Clarkson hockey player by purchasing a large paper "puck" for a $1 donation to the
Muscular Dystrophy Association. Clarkson's Greek system set up a booth in the Cheel Center
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