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Digital Arts & Sciences - Career Opportunities

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Over the past few years, the marketplace has seen rapid growth in the opportunities and demand for qualified people to work at the intersection of arts and sciences. The success of companies like Pixar and Industrial Light and Magic in the movie industry illustrates that increasing demand. The video gaming industry is another area of rapid growth that requires individuals who have a background that combines strengths in both arts and sciences.  Because of the ties to Clarkson, many of our students find a career in real-world object design, working as product designers and 3D modelers for companies like Procter & Gamble and Bechtel.

Clarkson is noted for providing its students with outstanding professional internship and summer employment possibilities. These kinds of experiences equip you with practical skills and practical knowledge that all employers seek.

To assist you in gaining such experience, the Clarkson Career Center maintains a database of resumes for employers who are looking for professional summer help. And Clarkson continues to develop potential industry contacts for DA&S majors.

Gaming Alums
Three Clarkson alums jumpstarted their careers in video game design by launching their own company and developing high-tech games that stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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