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Minor in Environmental Health Science

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A minor in Environmental Health Science (EHS) will broaden your understanding of human exposure to chemical, biological, and physical agents. The following are the requirements for a minor in EHS. This minor will be available to all undergraduate students (except EHS majors). The minor will enable students to satisfy the accreditation requirements of their particular major while focusing electives on pertinent courses in environmental health science/industrial hygiene. Electives used to satisfy requirements of the minor include science and engineering courses that address the core concepts of Industrial Hygiene as defined by the America Board of Industrial Hygiene. Students will receive a Bachelor of Science degree in their major with a minor in EHS.

A. Required Courses

EHS309 Introduction to Industrial Hygiene
EHS310 Introduction to Industrial Hygiene Lab
EV313 Biogeochemical Systems Science

B. Any two or three of these courses:

EHS405 Methods & Analysis
EHS406 Industrial Hygiene Control Methods
EHS416 Principles of Toxicology & Epidemiology
EHS330 Safety Analysis
EHS481 Advanced Topics in Environmental Health
ES432 Risk Analysis

C. Any one or two additional courses:

CE340 Introduction to Environmental Engineering                                       
CE480 Chemical Fate and Transport in the Environment                 
CE481 Hazardous Waste Management Engineering       
CE479 Water and Wastewater Treatment Processes              
CE477 Atmospheric Chemistry                                                                      
CE580 Environmental Chemistry                                                    
CM371 Physical Chemistry I                                                          
BY320 Microbiology                                                                      
BY350 Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy                                      
BY360 Comparative Physiology                                                        
BY425 Biological Systems and Environmental Change                 
BY471 Human Anatomy and Physiology                                            

In addition to the required courses, it is recommended that STAT 282 or STAT 383 or BY 318 be taken as a mathematics elective course for this minor.  A minimum grade point average of 2.0 is required in the courses taken for the minor. 

To declare this minor please fill out this form and and it in to SAS.

*Students may substitute in different courses from the list above with permission from the director.