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Curriculum (E&M)

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Core Program
A broadly conceived major, the E&M curriculum is an interdisciplinary education built on Clarkson's strengths in engineering and business. The program presents a balance of course work in the major disciplines of engineering, math and sciences, management, marketing, humanities, and social sciences.

As an E&M student, you will complete the foundation courses that all engineers take, along with the entire foundation of the business curriculum. Specialized minors, a concentration, and a track also exist, which allow you to focus within a specific area. When you have completed these curriculum requirements, you will be awarded a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Engineering & Management — a degree that is cutting edge and growing in popularity with a wide range of Fortune 100 companies.

As a student in the E&M program, you will have exciting opportunities for professional growth. You will take part in an internship or co-op experience, or other professional experience, as a graduation requirement. Also, you join the rest of the Clarkson University School of Business in having an International Experience as a graduation requirement. You will travel abroad in a Semester Abroad, a faculty-led trip or other global experience.
The following is a listing of the courses required to complete the E&M B.S. degree:

ID# Course CR
EM 205 Financial and Managerial Accounting 3
EM 120 Team-based Design and Innovation 3
MA 131 Calculus I 3
CM 131 Chemistry I 4
UNIV 190 Clarkson Seminar 3
FY 100 First Year Seminar 1
ID# Course CR
EM 211 Intro. to Enterprise Information Systems 3
EM 121 Technological Entrepreneurship 2
MA 132 Calculus II 3
CM 132 Chemistry II 4
PY 151 Intro. to Psychology 4
ID# Course CR
EC 350 Economic Principles and Engineering Economics 3
LW 270 Law and Society I 3
MA 232 Differential Equations 3
EM 286 Organizational Behavior I 3
PH 131 Physics I 4
ID# Course CR
STAT 383 Probability and Statistics 3
EM 380 Project Management 3
UNIV Course University Course 3
ES 220 Statics 3
PH 132 Physics II 4
Remaining Courses for Junior and Senior Years
ID# Course CR
FN 361 Financial Management 3
MK 320 Principles of Marketing 3
ID# Course CR
EM 331 Operations & Supply Chain Management 3
EM 333 Operations Research 3
EM 451 Quality Management & Lean Enterprise 3
Math and Engineering Science
ID# Course CR
MA 231 Calculus III 3
ES 250 Electrical Science 3
ES 260+/ES 222+/EE 264 Materials Science+/Strengths+/Digital Design 3
ES 330 Fluid Mechanics 3
ES 340 Thermodynamics 3
Senior Capstones
ID# Course CR
EM 432 Organizational Policy & Strategy 3
EM 456* Integrated Process Engineering & Design 3
Common Experience and Electives
ID# Course CR
COMM 217 Public Speaking 3
Free Elective 3
Knowledge Area/Free Elective (2) 6
Professional Electives (3) 9
Professional Experience NC
International Experience NC