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Matthew Turcotte

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Matthew Turcotte (Clarkson ’14)

Meet Young Entrepreneur Matthew S. Turcotte, founder and CEO of North Shore Solutions and U-Store of Watertown. Matthew S. Turcotte, 21, of Clayton, N.Y., was the first student to participate in Clarkson University’s Young Entrepreneur Award program which is currently accepting applications.

A business owner since he was a junior in high school, Matthew is now growing his Web services firm while earning his degree in innovation and entrepreneurship as a full-time student in the School of Business

Turcotte has been a Presidential Scholar for his entrire academic career at Clarkson - proving you can be a successful student and a successful business owner. He has also recently been praised by NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo and was selected as the 2013 SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

After meeting Turcotte at a regional technology conference in the spring of his senior year in High School, Clarkson President Tony Collins felt that the young entrepreneur fit the profile of the Clarkson student.

 “What caught my attention was how passionate Matt is about his business,” says Collins. “We attract both faculty and students who want to bridge research discovery and technical innovation with enterprise. He is exactly the type of student who thrives at Clarkson University.”

Turcotte started his own business, North Shore Solutions, when he was a junior in high school to provide Web design and hosting services to local businesses in his hometown.

He describes his experience with Clarkson as exceptional. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I feel fortunate that I attend a university that is as passionate about my business as I am and is so supportive,” says Turcotte. “Clarkson delivers on its reputation to defy convention.”

As a Young Entrepreneur Award recipient, Turcotte has office space on campus, in addition to the mentorship. He is able to plow what would have been his out-of-pocket tuition expenses into his business and is currently expanding his base of customers. 

“It has been exciting to work with Matthew and help him grow his young business,” says Marc Compeau, instructor in the School of Business. “The real challenge is forcing him to also embrace the typical college experience. I have had to limit Matthew to one formal meeting on his company a week and I also require that we spend part of that meeting talking about academics and his social life. Matthew has done a great job of finding time to be a student, not just a young entrepreneur.”

Turcotte was matched with two Clarkson alumni mentors: Marty Roesch ’92, founder and chief technology officer of Sourcefire (NASDAQ: FIRE), and John Zdanowski ’89, co-founder and CFO of PixelFish, Inc. the leading provider of online video advertisements for local businesses. Turcotte will spend time with Roesch and Zdanowski for additional mentorship and support.

“Now more than ever, it is imperative for businesses to have a presence on the Internet,” said Turcotte. “Times are changing, and the conventional methods for finding businesses through phonebooks are disappearing as the Internet takes a dominant role. As someone who founded his own company in 2001, having Marty and John as mentors is already helping me think well downstream from where I am today.”

In addition to expanding his current offering of services, which now include website design and development, logo design, Web hosting, online marketing and consulting to other young start-ups, Turcotte recently purchased a commercial office building in nearby Watertown, NY.

Turcotte’s near-term goal is to turn North Shore Solutions into a leader of Web design services in the Northeast within five years. “With Clarkson’s support the sky is the limit,” says the young entrepreneur.    

One of his hobbies is climbing the high peaks of the Adirondacks as he aspires to be an "Adironadack 46er". Turcotte is also the author of From Main Street to Mainstream: The Essential Steps to Launching your Small Town Business Online, which is available on

Matthew Turcotte

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I feel fortunate that I attend a university that is as passionate about my business as I am and is so supportive. Clarkson delivers on its reputation to defy convention.”

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