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Wind Turbine Test Site

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The Clarkson University Wind Turbine Test Site is located at the Potsdam airport, approximately 3 miles from the Clarkson campus. The test site includes a test silo and a meteorological tower and resides on relatively flat terrain at an elevation of approximately 474 feet. Approximately 10 years ago it was “reclaimed”, cleaned out and painted in an effort to start a small wind test program.  Computers and a data acquisition system were installed.

The meteorological tower is located approximately 20 meters upwind of the 1 kW turbine. The test silo houses the data acquisition system running Labview 7.1i and uses two National Instruments PCI-6024e DAQ boards with a BNC-2120 interface. Wind speed is measured at heights of 6, 12 and 18 m with NRG Type 40 anemometers on a meteorological tower. Wind direction is measured at 6 and 18 m with 2 NRG 200 series wind vanes. Pressure, temperature and humidity are collected at 3 m and corrected to the height of both turbine hubs. 

Two identical resistive load banks have been constructed as variable loads and resistance values can be varied from 1 to 25 ohms, in 1 ohm increments. Power and meteorological measurements are continuously obtained at the test site at a rate of one hertz. analysis procedures have followed the NREL performance test plans. Performance coefficients, CP, versus tip speed ratio, λ, curves, and total energy capture can be created and compared  to analyze the overall performance of the prototype.