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Facilities Engineering Team Provides Mechanicals Tours

The tour last March began in the basement of Cheel Arena, an ideal place for curious Civil and Environmental Engineering students taking Erik Backus’ Building Systems class!  Members of Facilities & Services directed the tour.  Mike Tremper, University Engineer, described the electrical vault and the importance of the lock/tag/verify process for handing electricity safely.  Jim Eames, Engineering Technician, discussed the benefits of a good HVAC design and the challenges of maintaining chill for the ice and comfort for the patrons all in the same environment. 

This was the third and final tour for this class.  In January the group toured CAMP where they learned about the Chiller Project and visited clean, newly painted mechanical rooms, with shiny new equipment.   In February, they visited the Science Center mechanical and electrical spaces and learned how to handle older air distribution systems; how to maintain them and perform upgrades.

Let us know if you would like to schedule a tour for your students.  Tours include the solar farm, Potsdam Hydro-electric Plant and University mechanical spaces.  Email for more information.


Jim and Mike explain HVAC in Cheel Arena


Jim with students in Science Center