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Facilities & Services Master Plan

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In 2021, Clarkson University will celebrate the 125th anniversary of its founding in 1896.  Over the past decade, CU@125 has been the strategic plan governing decisions at every level of the University.  As 2021 approaches, Facilities & Services, along with our colleagues across campus, will be launching into the plan for the future.  Over the next several years, Facilities & Services (FAS) will be in the process of developing a new Facilities Master Plan in support of the next University strategic plan, bridging the accomplishments of the past with the vision for the future.

This document is intended to provide the skeleton to guide FAS future planning that will eventually lead to a comprehensive Facilities master plan.   Our first steps include:

  • Establishing a baseline of what we own, its utilization, its condition, etc.  Knowing what we have will enable us to better plan for what is needed.
  • Establishing guiding rules and principles that will help shape all aspects of our strategic planning, our DNA, if you will (i.e., Sustainability, Inclusion, Clarkson Values, Service Excellence, etc.)
  • Establishing the go-forward plan for FAS based on the individual schools’ and departments’ plans and how they support the larger strategic plan of the University.
  • Mapping out the schedule for implementation keeping in mind that in 2021, CU@125 will be evolving into a new vision for the University.

It is imperative that the Facilities Master Plan consider the master plans of our associate departments across campus, and that we, in turn, ensure that the work that is requested of us is in support of the University’s overall strategic plan.  Our understanding of what we currently own, how it is used and what condition it is in will allow us to more effectively and efficiently follow through on requests.  Finally, keeping true to Clarkson Values, Service Excellence, Inclusion, and Sustainability will ensure cooperative and successful collaborations for the benefit of Clarkson University in 2021 and beyond.

The Master Plan for Facilities & Services will include the following:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Clarkson Vision Statement
  3. Purpose of the Document
  4. Process Used to Update the Master Campus Plan
  5. General Description of Current Facilities and Infrastructure
  6. Overarching Master Planning Guidelines and Assumptions
  7. Alignment with Current Strategic Plans
  8. Identification of Projections and Needs



Clarkson Construction Standards

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