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Residential Guidelines and Damages Price List

This Residential Damage Pricelist below contains the items frequently damaged by students and the approximate cost to repair or replace them.

Carelessness, vandalism, damage to and/or theft of Clarkson University property costs thousands of dollars and requires thousands of hours of labor each year.  YOU can help reduce escalating damage costs and personal expenses.

Structural Damage:  All repairs of walls, floors, ceilings, or built-in furniture will be based on current labor and materials costs.  A minimum charge of $50 will be assessed to students who build lofts, closets, etc., which are nailed into walls or furniture.

Other Types of Charges:  There will be a minimum $50 cleaning charge for an excessively messy room found at the end of the semester or at any time during the school year.  Cleaning charges for excessively messy areas will be calculated at the overtime rate.  A minimum charge of $50 will be assessed against any student who moves lounge furniture into a residential space.  There will be a minimum charge of $25 per wall for all miscellaneous room damage including tape residue and tack/nail/screw holes in the walls, doors and ceilings.  Excessive damage for these items will be calculated at the overtime rate.  All other items not on this list will be billed at current labor and materials costs.  All prices are subject to change without prior notice.  These prices have been prepared by the Facilities & Services department using the most current information available. Prices listed here cover materials, shipping and handling only.  Labor costs will be added as required (Rates: $40/hr for regular time and $60/hr for overtime.) Vandalism repair will be billed at the overtime rate.

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Residential Damage Price List


There is a $150 fine for tampering with life safety devices

Recharge Fire Extinguisher $150

Exit Sign…$96 - $350

Tampering with Smoke Detector $150 fine plus the repair of any damage

Fire Alarm Pull Station…$150

Tampering with Carbon Monoxide Detector $150 fine plus the repair of any damage

Fire Extinguisher Sign…$50

Area of Rescue Sign...$316


Light Switch Covers to Light Poles…$6 - $1400


There is a $150 fine for tampering with life safety devices

Door Closer…$180 - $250

Disabling Door Closer…$100

Card Access Reader…$200

Panic Bar Tampering…$100 - $350

Room Door...$250-$800

Room Number Tag...$140

Peep Hole...$50

Lost Key:

$50 Core

$40 Labor

$10 per key


Desk Chair…$100 - $200 

Dresser…$210 - $400 

Desk…$275 - $375 


Bookcase…$75 - $170

Bed Springs…$186  



Bedframe Complete…$220 - $450

Armchair…$300 - $1450

Loveseat…$750 - $1500 

Sofa (3 Seat)…$900 - $1800 

Lamp…$75 - $300

Coffee/End Table…$130 - $450

Study Table…$300 - $1000


Glass $7-$450

Screen with frame…$75-$100

Vinyl Shade…$50 - $150

Venetian Blinds...$50-400

Pleated Shade…$150 - $400

Window Hardware...$25-$75


Paper Towel Dispenser…$85

Toilet Paper Dispenser…$48

Bathroom Partition…$600-$1000

Shower Rod…$30-$100


Toilet…$100 - $300

Faucet…$75 - $200

Mirror (room)…$45

Soap Dispenser…$25

Shower Head…$21


Lawn damage charges will be determined on a per job basis

Street/Parking/Trail Signage $100-$225

Building Signage...$100-$2000

Building Lettering (each)...$400-$500


Picnic Table…$600 - $800

Tree Damage (per ft)…$50


Butt Bin...$100


Wall damage charges will be determined on a per job basis

Bulletin Board...$10-$500

Floor Tile (each)…$10

Inlaid Flooring (per sq yd)…$50

Carpet (per sq yd)…$40

Stock Stair Spindle… $25

Custom Stair Spindle…$100 

Stair Tread…$100/tread

Custom Kitchens damage charges will be determined on a per job basis


Heating Thermostat...$32-$100


Wastebasket/Trash Can...$5-$250

Recycling Bin...$5-$250

Recycling/Trash Cart …$300 - $900

Banquet Table…$130 - $250

Folding Chair…$30 - $35

Wireless Access Point...$1000

Network Port...$50


Anytime a student moves into a University residential space they are required to fill out an on-line Room Condition Report via PeopleSoft.  This is the student’s opportunity to describe any issues they may find upon move-in.  It is their guarantee that they will not be charged for issues that were present prior to their move into that space. 

When students permanently move out of spaces, generally in December and April/May, members of Facilities & Services and Residence Life perform room inspections.  The sole purpose of this exercise is to ensure any damage or excessive cleaning found in a residential space is charged to the student who lived there.  Dorm inspection findings are compared to the Room Condition Reports to ensure students are not charge for pre-existing conditions.

Room inspection charges hit student bills in January and June.  Students wishing to challenge their room charges are asked to email  Please include your name, student number, room location and reason for challenging the charge on correspondence.


Each year, college students across the country perish in residence hall fires. Often, their death could have been prevented by properly functioning life safety equipment. Tampering with life safety objects such as smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire alarm devices, sprinkler systems, and door closers is not a joke – it’s stupid! There will be a charge of $140.00 ($100.00 plus one hour of labor) for each item tampered with.

Don’t become a fire fatality statistic!

Also, please save yourself and Campus Safety the time and trouble…DO NOT ROOF TRESPASS!  There will be consequences to any roof trespassing actions.