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Second Safety Day(s) Project Focuses on CAMP, Rowley and Student Center

Facilities & Services started 2017 off right, concentrating on a project that no one ever gets to because of the enormity of the scope and the energy needed to pull it off!

January 4, 5 and 6 were set aside by FAS for our second Safety Days project.  Custodians, grounds crew, maintenance technicians, project managers, mail personnel, duplicating clerks and directors all gathered in mechanical spaces in CAMP, Rowley and the Student Center to make lasting impact on these spaces. 

Thirty-seven spaces totaling over 37,000 sqft were swept, scrubbed, neutralized, epoxied, stenciled and sealed.  Now, the floors are covered with durable gray epoxy paint (100 gallons!) with areas clearly stenciled for electrical panels, fire extinguishers, and walkways.  This is intended to prevent the unnecessary storage of random items in these spaces.  Although it may appear that mechanical spaces are ideal for hiding furniture and other supplies, it is not only inappropriate, but can be illegal for us to do so.  Poor practices in mechanical spaces lead to safety violations, Fire Marshal infractions, and possibly the risk of physical injury to our own staff members. 

More Safety Days are being planned as we will address the same issues in mechanical spaces in all of our University buildings.

Thank you for your cooperation, and for the support of Campus Safety & Security, during these projects.

First floor main CAMP boiler room gets a make-over:

Step 1, sweeping and mopping.

Step 2, neutralizing to prevent soap from reacting to the paint.


Step 3, painting.


Step 4, stenciling with safety instructions.

Step 5, applying sealer.


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