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University Policies and Goals

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Clarkson has been working on campus sustainability initiatives since the early 2000's. While the initial efforts focused primarily on facilities and academic degree programs, recent efforts have redoubled our efforts to "integrate sustainability into everything we do on campus." (President Anthony G. Collins, June, 2010).

Some highlights of our current policies include:

  • Sustainability integrated into Clarkson's core mission, vision and values
  • Over 200 acres of forests and wetlands preserved as a FOREVER WILD section of campus to value our natural systems and the recreation potential of our campus
  • New building construction to meet at least LEED silver certification
  • No Styrofoam policy
  • Pesticide use limited to a few key athletic and residence areas that comprise less than 10% of our managed grounds
  • Easy ZERO SORT RECYCLING implemented with Casella Waste Systems throughout campus.
  • GOODBYE, MASS DISTRIBUTION! University announcements are now web-based or sent electronically, rather than on hard copy through intra-campus mail
  • ONLY ENERGY STAR and EPEAT ALLOWED! All new appliances purchased by the University are Energy Star qualified and electronics EPEAT certified
  • Several academic degree programs offered to promote environmental and sustainability professions. 
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President Tony Collins is a strong advocate for sustainable practices across our campus operations