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The most important aspect of environmental change on Clarkson's campus is it's community. With so many students, faculty, and staff members involved in environmental groups on campus, it's no wonder the University has advanced so quickly!

Our student clubs provide opportunities to get involved in sustainability projects here and abroad as well as developing new technologies to sustainable development.

Advancing our SPEED Projects! We have several student-run design projects that help to develop more sustainable technologies, like the year round greenhouse, anaerobic digester and electric snowmobile.

Clarkson's environmental education opportunities are led by a diverse faculty and staff , focusing on a wide range of fields and research. Opportunities include choosing a major or minor directly related to sustainability, taking a few classes, or working on a research project.

Our educational opportunities include several different sustainability immersion experiences. 

  · The Adirondack Semester provides housing and classes in Saranac Lake as you learn about the social, environmental and economic aspects of the Nation’s largest protected wilderness area. 

  · You can travel further to the Rocky Mountains with EV390 – Sustainability Project Experience.   A two-week trip to Devil’s Thumb Ranch after a spring semester of one class per week provides ample time to learn about the sustainability initiatives currently on-going at this ranch and then propose and design new activities to improve energy, water or ecosystems at this facility.

Student groups volunteer to make recycle dummies to promote recycling initiatives

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Students value clarkson's 200 forever wild acres to explore and get up close to plants and wildlife