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Our student clubs provide opportunities to get involved in sustainability projects here and abroad as well as developing new technologies to sustainable development.

  • Sustainable Synergy is a student-run organization with a focus on alternative energy and energy conservation. The organization consists of creative, multifaceted minds collaborating in unison to design and implement alternative energy solutions at Clarkson University.
  • Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO) was formed to encourage awareness of environmental and human rights through a variety of methods such as Earth Day events, on and off campus projects, and more.
  • Engineers Without Borders (EWB) The international EWB organization helps create a more stable and prosperous world by addressing people's basic human needs by providing necessities such as clean water, power, sanitation and education. The Clarkson student chapter is working closely with a community in Ecuador to provide safe drinking water and sanitation infrastructure.
  • New York Water Environment Association (NYWEA) was formed to promote interest in the environment, specifically protecting and enhancing our water resources.

Advancing our SPEED projects! We have several student-run design projects that help to develop more sustainable technologies like the year round greenhouse, anaerobic digester and electric snowmobile.

  • Clarkson University Environmental Design Teams compete in a national design contest each year. You can get involved in any one of our three current projects: 
    • Campus greenhouse and plans for a Controlled Environment High Rise Farm - many opportunities ranging from greenhouse operation to high-tech design and development to writing a business plan for a fledgling student run business - Blue Sphere Industries, Inc. Contact Prof. Powers for details. 
    • Small Scale Anaerobic Digester - Students have designed and built a small digester to convert agricultural wastes to biogas for farm heating. Help to operate, test and improve the design. Professor Grimberg for details.
    • Algae to Biodiesel - Students received an EPA P3 grant to complete lab work, engineering design, and the economic and environmental feasibility of a system to use landfill leachate as a substrate to grow algae for biodiesel.  The solution the students developed was technically effective, but the economics of the system are not favorable with current fuel prices.  The student team received an Honorable Mention award at the 2012 EPA P3 competition.
    • The Clean Snowmobile Challenge and Zero Emission Electric snowmobile SPEED projects provide a way to use your technical design skills in a way to reduce the environmental impacts of this popular winter activity. 

Students from ECO and Synergy participate in the Keystone XL pipeline protest in Washington DC
(November 2011)

Students from ECO and Synergy attended the Powershift '11 conference in Washington DC
(April 2011)

Algae Biodiesel
An interdisciplinary team of students are researching algae growth for biodiesel production as part of an EPA Phase 1 grant
(October 2011)

Two teams of Clarkson students received Phase II grants at the 2010 EPA P3 competition. This was the first time a single school received two grants in one competition.
(April 2010)