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Research Opportunities

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  • Impact of Land-Applied Dairy Manure on Downwind Air Quality: Particulate Matter & Bioaerosols
  • Factors Affecting Ultrafine Particle and PM 2.5 Emissions from Heated Cooking Oil
  • Analysis of Gridded Historical Climate Data Temperature & Precipitation Trends in the Northeast United States
  • Data Mining Applications in St. Lawrence River Ecology
  • Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Systems

These are some of the recent titles of student research projects.

A brief summary of the types of sustainability related research is available.

Undergraduate and graduate students have a wide range of opportunities to conduct research on sustainability projects.  Talk to faculty affiliated with the Institute for a Sustainable Environment about getting involved with research or check out these specific programs:

ASSETs to Serve Humanity: A 10 week summer research program to engage undergraduate students in research projects in the theme area of Advancing Sustainable Systems and Environmental Technologies to Serve Humanity.

National Grid Research Fund for Honors students to conduct research on renewable energy research.

Clarkson’s Smart Housing research efforts are helping to establish how college students use energy and water resources and change their behavior in response to messages and feedback.

Faculty from all Schools and the ISE conduct research that is related to sustainability.  This includes over 35% of the full time faculty equivalents.  Find out more about these research areas...

Bathann Parmelee

Under the mentorship of Professor Susan Powers and Michael Twiss, Bethann Parmelee, an environmental engineering major, looked into the sustainable production of biodiesel from algae grown at the Development Authority of the North Country (DANC) Solid Waste Management Facility during her junior year.

Brain Frederick participated in recent REU program under the direction of Dr. Silvana Andreescu. His title: "Co-Encapsulation of Saccharomyces cervisiae and D-Xylose for Biofuels".