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We believe companies with strong environmental, social, and governance profiles are better managed for the long term, have lower risk profiles, and are positioned to outperform their peers. ” 
- Quote from the Clarkson University Statement of Investment Beliefs (02/13)

To advance Clarkson’s sustainability efforts, President Collins and the Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees committed to moving $5 million of the Clarkson endowment into a socially responsible investment (SRI) fund.  A committee chaired by Clarkson CFO James Fish, and including a member of the of Trustees, faculty members Chad Colbert, Chris Robinson, and Allan Zebedee, and CUSB students Jaclyn Orcutt and Toria Rubenstein, completed a study of available options and recommended Aperio as our new SRI-focused fund manager. Aperio created a customize our SRI portfolio to reflect Clarkson’s values. These values were informed by the stated Clarkson values and a campus survey.  The most important Positive company attributes to include were pollution abatement, environmental innovation, human rights and climate change.  Negative screens include tobacco, adult entertainment and animal testing.

An investment of $5 million in the Aperio Group was made in December 2014.

Documents and Resources:

Clarkson's Statement of Investment Beliefs

Snapshot of Clarkson's Endowment Investments (end of FY15)

Aperio Group - Socially Responsible Investment fund manager. In its first year, the SRI funds performed better than the overall average of the balance of the endowment.