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Lisbon- Spring 2006

  • 7 weeks, 3 Days a week, (not including snow days etc.)
  • Curriculum only taught by fellows
  • Open-ended project at the end of the curriculum

Curriculum Problem Statement
Even as an individual person, you possess the power to change the future of the energy situation on our planet by making energy-conscious decisions in your home now, as well as in your future homes. Your goal for the semester is to research a way to limit the amount of fossil fuels used in your home and to communicate it to the rest of the class, or your community at the end of the program.

Unit 1: Introductions

  • Day 1: Introduction to the program and fellows. ACT: Energy Intelligence Agency Activity.
  • Day 2: Introduction to ACT: The Energy Game (Rules and Brief Demo)
  • Day 3: ACT: The Energy Game
  • Day 4: Finish ACT: The Energy Game and Discuss
  • Day 5: ACT: Problem Solving, LP: Problem Solving (Egg Trick Demo, Introduction of Problem Statement)

Unit 2: Energy Basics

  • Day 6: LP: Energy Basics
  • Day 7: ACT: Human Power
  • Day 8: LP: Forms, States, and Conversions, ACT: Forms and States Puzzles
  • Day 9: ACT: Energy Conversions

Unit 3: Conservation

  • Day 10: ACT: Home Energy Audit
  • Day 11: ACT: Light vs. Heat Bulbs Activity

Unit 4: Energy Sources

  • Day 12: LP:Energy Sources, ACT:Renew-a-Bean
  • Day 13: ACT: Energy Sources Research
  • Day 14: Finish ACT: Energy Sources Research / Make handouts
  • Day 15: Present Handouts, ACT: System Diagrams
  • Day 16: Efficiencies (Choose either ACT: Efficiency of Conversions or ACT: Efficiency of a system)

Unit 4: Final Project

  • Day 17-21: Work on and present final projects that are determined by the students.