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Honors Council

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The Honors Council participates in the formulation of academic and administrative policies of the Honors Program, serves as an advisory board to the Honors Program Director, and oversees the evaluation of proposals and the Honors thesis of all Honors students.

The Honors Council consists of 15 voting members, including nine faculty members representative of the colleges and schools at Clarkson University, the Dean of Admissions, a representative from Student Affairs, and four Honors student representatives. The Honors Program Director, Assistant Director of Advising and Assistant Director of Student Life, as well as the Honors Liaison from Undergraduate Admission, serve as ex officio members.  Faculty members are appointed by the Provost, upon recommendation by the Faculty Senate in consultation with the Deans.  The representative from Student Affairs is appointed by the VP of Outreach and Student Affairs, and student representatives is appointed by the student Steering Committee elected by the Honors students.

There will be three standing committees of the Honors Council: the Admissions Committee, which oversees the admission of students to the Honors Program; the Curriculum Committee, which oversees the development and maintenance of the Honors curriculum; and the Research Committee, which oversees the Honors Thesis and Summer Research. 

Additional details on membership of the Honors Council and its duties are spelled out in The Constitution of the Honors Council.

Honors Council, Faculty & Staff Members 2015-2016

Jon Goss (ex-officio), Honors Program
Brian Grant, Undergraduate Admissions
Martin Heintzelman, School of Business
Brian Helenbrook, Mechanical &Aeronautical Engineering
Gary Kelly,  Student Development & Community Affairs
Carrie LaBarr (ex-officio), Undergraduate  Admissions
Chen Liu, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Christopher Lynch, Mathematics & Computer Science 
John Moosbrugger, Honors Program/Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering
Kathleen O'Leary (ex-officio), Honors Program
Christopher Robinson, Political Science/Humanities & Social Sciences
Jeffrey Taylor, Career Center
Selma Thagard,  Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Jennifer Townsend (ex-officio), Honors Program
Craig Woodworth, Biology

Honors Council, Student Members 2015-2016

Jonthan Brassard '18, Physics
Dana Chapman '17, Civil Engineering
Brian Nardone (at-large)' 17, Mechanical Engineering
Sarah Lilholt '19, Chemical Engineering

Admission Committee, 2015-2016

Jon Goss, Honors Program Director
Gary Kelly, Adjunct Instructor, Psychology
Carrie LaBarr (ex-officio), Undergraduate Admissions
Christopher Lynch, Math & Computer Science
Christopher Robinson, Political Science
Jennifer Townsend, Honors Program

Research Committee, 2015-2016

Chris Bellona, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
He Dong, Assistant Professor, Chemistry & Biomolecular Science
Mark Frascatore, Associate Professor, Economics & Financial Studies
Scott Fulton, Professor, Mathematics
Michael Garcia, Assistant Professor of Literature, HSS
Cintia Hongay, Assistant Professor, Biology
Tom Langen, Associate Professor Biology and Psychology
Piergiovanni Marzocca, Associate Professor, Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering
Jeanna Matthews, Associate Professor, Computer Science
David Morrison, Professor, Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering
Michael Ramsdell, Visiting Assistant Professor, Physics
Devon Shipp, Associate Professor, Chemistry & Biomolecular Science
R Shankar Subramanian, Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Lei Wu, Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering