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Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowship Award

Summary of Award

Since 1963, the Fannie and John Hertz Foundation has awarded over 1000 doctoral fellowships with the goal of supporting the early stage research endeavors of applied physical, biological, and engineering science students who possess the potential to change our world for the better by solving difficult, real-world problems.

The Hertz Fellowship empowers these outstanding young people with the freedom to innovate and explore their genius in collaboration with leading professors in the field. For over 45 years, Hertz Fellows have succeeded in this endeavor by providing leading ideas, invaluable public service and economic accomplishments in science, business, government and academia.


Option1 - Five Year Hertz:

  • $32,000/ 9-month personal stipend*
  • Full tuition equivalent
  • Renewable for up to 5 years

Option 2 - Five-Year Coordinated

  • $38,000/ 9-month personal stipend*
  • Full tuition equivalent

Other Fellowship Period - Up to Three Years

  • $6,000/ year supplemental stipend* from Hertz

* $5,000/ year additional stipend for Fellows with dependent children.


  • Primary Field of Study: applied physical, biological and engineering sciences  
  • be a US citizen, US national, or permanent resident alien
  • Desire to pursue a Ph.D. in any of the above fields


Honors Program Director

Application Process Includes

  • Application Form
  • Personal Statement Essay
  • 4 Letters of Recommendation
  • GRE scores

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Past CU Interviewees

Bridget Reardon '07 - Mechanical Engineering
Thomas Hooper '02 - Mechanical Engineering
Beth Lachut Dec '00 - Chemical Engineering