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Service Requirements

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Service is a critical component of the Clarkson Honors Program experience. In fact, the students themselves originally proposed the idea of a service requirement for graduating with honors. Acts of service to Clarkson and the wider area of Potsdam build a sense of community within the Honors Program, fulfill local needs, strengthen Clarkson’s ties with surrounding communities, and promote the use of science and technology in service to society.

Following is a description of the Service Requirement for all Honors students except the new class of 2015. The Service Requirement for classes of 2015 and on is governed by a revised document which introduces a review of progress in the junior year. Please see:

Honors Program Community Service Guidelines 2015


Service Requirement
To graduate with honors, you are required to complete at least 10 hours of approved service per year service during your undergraduate career at Clarkson.  

Service Guidelines
An act of service is defined as “any not-for-profit activity that directly benefits the public or environment.” The Service Committee recognizes three types of activities that satisfy the service requirement:

  1. Events planned or promoted by the Service Committee
  2. Individual service projects proposed by honors students and approved by the Service Committee
  3. Service to the Honors Program through the Honors Program office (for example, phonathon, open house, or orientation)

Proposing a Service Project
To get approval for an individual service project (option B above), you must submit an Individual Service Form to the Service Committee. The committee reserves the right to deny your application if it doesn’t meet the conditions of service, even if you have already completed the project. For this reason, we recommend that you submit your proposal well in advance of the project date.

Conditions of Service

  • No more than half of the required hours can be fulfilled through service to the Honors Program (option C).
  • At least half of the service hours must be performed while the student is at Clarkson.
  • Service projects required for other organizations will not count as honors service.
  • Students receive credit for the actual duration of an event, not for the planned duration of an event. If an event was supposed to last two hours, but only lasted 15 minutes, then 15 minutes are counted.
  • Political or other kinds of protests do not count as service. Service may encourage political discussion, but must remain neutral.