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Liberal Studies

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The Liberal Studies major is the broadest and most flexible major offered in the Humanities and Social Sciences Program at Clarkson. Working with their advisor, students with a Liberal Studies major can design a rigorous program that permits them to explore interests and issues that cross the boundary between the Humanities and Social Sciences. The breadth of choice permits students to bring insights from numerous disciplines to bear on significant intellectual problems and to develop a broad set of skills which will help them analyze and understand the complexities of the modern world.

Why Clarkson?
The Liberal Studies program at Clarkson differs from those at many other institutions in three important ways – broader perspectives, external fields, and computer competencies.

Liberal Studies majors at Clarkson benefit from the outstanding scholarship and personal attention of faculty in a very broad range of Liberal Arts disciplines: anthropology, creative writing, history, literature and film, philosophy, political science, and sociology. The Liberal Studies program allows students to focus on themes in Clarkson's curriculum – American Studies, Cross-Cultural Perspectives, and Science, Technology, and Society – and other issues and problems that cross the boundary between the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Faculty work individually with students to prepare them for careers in a world that demands creativity in analyzing problems, expertise in technology, and an understanding of diverse perspectives.

External field
A required external field of five or more courses prepares students for their future careers.

Chosen from one of Clarkson's many programs and departments, external fields may be in such defined pre-professional areas as pre-medicine, pre-law, pre-business, pre-physical therapy, psychology, or computer science; alternately, students may create their own external field, tailored to their specific career interests.

Through Clarkson's state-of-the-art computing resources, you will acquire skills using the latest communication tools. Also, thanks to our small size and friendly, collaborative culture, you'll rub shoulders with peers in technology-based majors so that you gain an appreciation of their mindsets and perspectives.