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Graphic Identity Manual

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Proper Uses of Seal and Shield

University SealSeal
The seal is the University's official and ceremonial academic symbol. The seal is used for communications and events that are formal and call upon the Clarkson heritage. No other symbol or logo can be used in conjunction with the seal.

Samples of appropriate use of the seal are

  • Diplomas
  • Special honors for students, alumni, faculty, and staff
  • Approved Clarkson memorabilia
  • Programs about gifts willed to Clarkson

Clarkson Diploma with shield

Incorrect uses of the seal are as a signature on promotional brochures; as part of a department, administrative, or sports identity; or combined with another logo.

Samples of inappropriate use of the seal are:

  • Used as part of another logo
  • Used in place of the Clarkson logo on the bottom of an ad or on a brochure
  • Used on a vehicle

University ShieldShield
The Clarkson shield has come to be associated with the image of the "Knights," with the Clarkson alumni organization and events, and with various other areas associated with Clarkson. It is and will continue to be an important symbol for Clarkson.

There are no formal standards for the shield, but we encourage that it be used with discretion and in ways that honor its association with our heritage. Consult the Division of Marketing & External Relations if you have a program that you believe will benefit by using the Clarkson shield in its graphic presentation.