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Delvis Baba

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Delvis BabaCompleting a triple undergraduate major – Civil Engineering; Financial Information System & Analysis; Applied Mathematics - Delvis Baba, a senior student from Angola, Africa, chose Clarkson University because he believed in CU’s principle to ‘Defy Convention.’ Delvis’ advice to incoming students – ‘be prepared for the best time of your life!’

Where are you from?
I am from Angola, Africa.

What is your major?
I am a triple major. – Civil Engineering - Financial Information System and Analysis - Applied Mathematics

Why did you choose Clarkson?
I chose Clarkson because I liked the name and what Clarkson stood for, the part where is written defy convention, I believe it defines me, I want to set my own rules for my future and not be bound by society norms or convection,  due to that I chose Clarkson.

What is one piece of advise you would give to someone who is or thinking of coming to CU?
Well since I am fron Africa, I would say bring a jacket, but personally I would say get ready for the best time of your life, cause being who you are is accepted here and you are molded for better.

What do you like most about living in Potsdam?
It is a town that it has, what it doesn't have. Meaning that there a little bit of everything depending on your interest as for me it brings me peace being able to know everyone and be recognized it allows me to show my personality.