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Incoming Advising

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Exchange Student Process

When the International Center receives the applications of our incoming exchange students from our partner universities, part of our process is to identify an academic advisor for each student.  The role of the advisor is to answer any academic questions that the student may have, as well as reply to any questions that their academic advisor may have at their home university.

The academic advisor will also be asked to review the list of courses that the incoming exchange student has requested to assure that they have the proper prerequisites to take these classes.  The International Center will provide their transcript from their home university.

When the exchange students arrive on campus, just like our full-time students, they sometimes need to adjust their class schedules.  In such cases, they may need to reach out to you for advice and to drop and add classes.

We appreciate your assistance in helping to provide a quality experience for these students while they are on our campus.  Again, if you want to know which universities that Clarkson partners with abroad, please refer to “list of partner universities” in this guide.