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Football Rules

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Team Members: Each team will be limited to a 16 person roster.  Only 8 players may be on the field at one time.  There must be least 8 players present for a team to start the game.


A.  Eight players constitute a team

B.  The offensive team must have five players on the line of scrimmage.

C.  Spiked and cleated shoes, pads, helmets, and other similar equipment is prohibited.  Sneakers  and sweat clothes are desirable.  All rubber cleated shoes are permissible.


A.  A player may be taken out of the game and put back in at anytime as long as it does not  interfere with play.

B.  The clock will not be stopped for substitution.


A.  The game will be played in two twenty minute periods.

B.  The clock will be running continually.

C.  There will be a five minute rest period between halves.

D.  The offensive team will have 25 seconds from the end of the proceedings play to start the  next play.

E.  Two time outs of one minute each will be allowed each team during a half.

F.  In case of emergency or injury, the referee may call a time out.


A.  The winner of the toss will have the choice of goals or kicking off or receiving.  This  procedure is reversed in the beginning of the second half (ie, the team that lost the toss will  have the choice).

B.  The game shall begin with a place kick from the twenty yard line.

C.  If the ball goes into the end zone untouched and goes out beyond the end line, the ball will be  brought out to the receiving teams 20 yard line.

D.  The receiving team shall be behind a line 20 yards from the spot of the kickoff.

E.  The receiver of the kickoff must run or lateral backwards.  A forward pass cannot be thrown.

F.  Receiver must catch the ball with at least one foot in bounds for a pass to be completed.

G.  The ball must be passed through the legs of the center.

H.  The offensive backfield must be stationary for one full second before the line of scrimmage  before the ball is snapped.

I.  A ball hitting the goal post or official is considered dead or incomplete if it is a pass.


A.  Touching will be done with one hand only.

B.  If a team kicking-off kicks out of bounds three times, the receiving team will take possession of  the ball on their 40 yard line.

C.  Blocking on the line of scrimmage will be with the blockers feet on the ground throughout the  

 block.  All blocks must be above the waist of the opponent.  Penalty will be 15 yards.  No

down field blocking.

D. A team will have four downs in which to make a first down, (ie, to cross the nearest yard line).

E. Any member of a team will be eligible as a pass receiver.

F. No player may run with a fumbled ball (except the man who fumbles it on a kickoff).  Otherwise, it is dead where the ball lands.


A. Tripping (intentionally), tackling, leaving the feet, clipping, unnecessary roughness; 

personal foul -15 yards.

B Interference with a pass receiver - receiver will be given the ball at the spot of interference - 1st down

C. Offside-delayed whistle-play will not be called back until the ball is dead (5 yards)

D. A player may be barred for unsportsmanlike conduct by the official(s).

E. When a foul is committed within the 20 yard line, only one half the distance of the goal may be inflicted as a penalty.

F. Team captains will make decisions on penalties and make the decision for their respected team.


A. The official(s) will be appointed by the Recreation Office.

B. The official’s decision will govern all points not included in these rules, or in the ntercollegiate rules, or national college touch football rules.

C Scoring will be in accordance with collegiate rules (ie, 6 points for a touchdown, for a run or       pass play conversion or PAT - 2 points). [Ball placed on 3 yard line for the PAT].


The only basis for a protest would be the use of an ineligible player.  Rules of eligibility are listed in the General Intramural Guidelines.  Any protest must be in writing and filed with the Recreation Office within 24 hours of the protested game.  The official must be informed of the pending protest.