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  1. All team members must be current Clarkson students, staff, or faculty.
  2. Participants must me on the roster for the team they are playing for.
  3. REPORT SCORES:  Reporting scores is the responsibility of the winning team.  Winning team representatives MUST report within 24 hours of contest by submitting a score from at .  Failure to report in a timely fashion will not count in league standings.  Since playoffs are based on number of wins first, this should be a priority.
  4. Type of Competition: Round Robin leagues followed by playoffs. Teams will be randomly split into divisions according to the desired level of competition. The "A" level is the most competitive and the "C" level is the least, "D" being non-competitive. The top team(s) in the each division will be matched for playoff competition.
    1. All teams may be co-ed.
    2. Teams with varsity athletes playing their sport must be in the A league.
    3. Varsity athletes are not eligible to participate in intramurals while in season.
  5. League Standings:  League standings within each division will be determined by percentage of games won and tied. The standings will be posted bi-weekly on the web page
  6. Fees: Teams with 2 forfeits will be dropped from the league and be charged $20 forfeit fee per games missed.  In the case of the hockey arena teams will be charged the equivalent of an hour of facility rental for every forfeit.  
  7. Submitting A Roster – A team captain may submit a roster by filling out the form at   To register a roster, each team must have the captain’s name, phone number, student number, and e-mail address, along with the minimum number of players for that sport.  No two teams may have the same name, even if they are in different divisions.
  8. Eligibility – To be eligible to play a sport, a player must be a student, faculty, or staff of Clarkson University.  They also must be registered on the roster of the team.  A player may only be registered on one roster for a sport.  Players may be added to the roster up until playoffs begin.  To do so, you must contact the Intramurals coordinator with the name of your team and the name of the new person.  Any player that does not meet these requirements is considered ineligible.
  9. Ineligible Players – If a team plays with an ineligible player during the regular season, that game will be forfeited to the other team, no matter what the score.  If an ineligible player is used during the playoffs, the team will be removed from the playoffs with the next place team in their division replacing them.  The only exception to this is when the team in question has informed the other team and the referee of the ineligible player(s), and both have approved; however that team cannot claim a victory.
  10. Fighting – Fighting is considered a very serious penalty in all sports.  The actual penalty is detailed in each sport’s rules page.  Both fighters will be ejected from the game immediately and ineligible to play for the rest of the season.  Depending on the circumstances, other measures may also be taken.
  11. Rescheduling – We understand that sometimes it is difficult to get an entire team together during the year due to things such as tests.  To accommodate this we try to be as flexible as possible in rescheduling any games that are to be played.  We do require that one day notice be given to the Intramurals coordinator that you would like a game rescheduled, and both team captains must agree to reschedule.  If less than one day’s notice is given, the captain of the team who requested the reschedule would be charged the amount to hire a referee for that time. 
  12. Forfeit – Any team that is 15 minutes late to a game is considered to have forfeited the game.  Also, any team which shows up with less than the minimum number of players forfeits the game.  Each time a team forfeits a game, the captain is charged the forfeit fee.  If a team forfeits twice they are also unable to compete in the playoffs, no matter what their standing.
  13. Charges To The Captain – When the captain is charged for forfeiting a game or for not rescheduling a game in time, the charge will be placed on the captain’s account.  It is up to the captain if they would like to collect money from the entire team to make up for this amount or not.  If any charge is going to be made to the captain’s account, they will be notified immediately of the charge and allowed to present a reason as to why they should not be charged.  It is up to the Intramurals coordinator to decide whether this reason is legitimate or not.
  14. Protests – Protests will be accepted for consideration after being registered by the team representative with the responsible official in charge of the contest.  Do not wait until the contest is completed to register a protest.  The responsible official in charge should notify both parties whenever a protest is lodged.  The team representative filing the protest should also let the opponent know immediately that a protest is pending.  Officials and team captain should make sure all details required are recorded should a protest proceed to completion and be upheld.  No referee sports means no method to protest; work things out and continue.  All protests must be made in writing and submitted to the Recreation Office (in the IRC or via e-mail) within 24 hours following the contest unless the event occurs on a weekend.  In that case the protest must be submitted the following Monday by noon.  Protests may be filed on the use of an ineligible player or when interpretation of the rules is deemed to be incorrect and involves the score, and/or the outcome of the contest.  Under no circumstances will an official’s judgment on the matter be grounds for a protest.  Games in which a protest is upheld may be replayed from the beginning of the nearest preceding point of the game, unless a specific detail relative to the prompting incident is available, i.e., time and score of game when protest was filed.

Sport Specific Rules: