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Volleyball Rules

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Team Members:  Each team will be limited to a fifteen person roster.  Six players allowed on the court at any one time.  There must be six players present for a team to start the contest.  Only 2 varsity players are allowed per roster and it must be an "A" league team. A daft may be invoked where as all participating varsity players will be randomly assigned a team until all players have been used. (Varsity players are described as any player who has practiced with the varsity squad the previous season).


1. It is a foul for players to touch the net, to reach over the net or under the net and touch an opponent or to step over the center line.

2. Holding or throwing the ball while it is in play.  The play must be distinct batting of the ball.

3. The ball may be played at most three times per side and a player may not play it twice in succession, but may play it twice if it is played by a teammate in between.

POSITION OF PLAYERS: Beginning of the Game (Line-up)

At the opening of the game, players shall take their respective positions according to the order given to the scorer.  The lineup may change for each new game.

Players of the serving team must rotate clockwise when receiving the ball to serve and the right back must serve.

When the ball is served, each player shall be in his own area.  After the ball is served, each player may cover any section.


A contest will consist of best two out of three games and they must be completed in allotted one hour.


1. The ball must be served by the right back behind the rear of the 10 foot mark and may be hit in any manner with the hand.

2. Only one trial serve is allowed per side and it must land within the opponent's court.  If it touches the net and continues into the opponent's court, it counts as a serve.

3. A ball landing on a boundary line is "in."

4. A point may be scored only by the side serving.

5 If a ball touches a player or a player touches a ball, he is considered as having played the ball.  If the ball hits a player twice or two or more blockers after being spiked, it is considered as having been played just once.

6. teams shall change courts after each game.

7 a player may leave the court to play a ball.


The following are either "side-out" or point depending on who made the serve.

1. Catch or hold the ball, dribble.

2. Reach over the net with any part of the body while the ball is in play.

3. Touch any player under the net.

4. Serve out of rotation.

5. Touch the floor on opposite side of the center line.  This does not keep a player from playing a legal ball under the net, but he must not step over the line.