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Undergraduate Degree Programs in Environmental Science

The Environmental Science programs in the Institute for a Sustainable Environment welcome you to Clarkson University.  Environmental Science at Clarkson has two degree programs: Environmental Health Science (EHS) and Environmental Science and Policy (ES&P).  Students completing the EHS program receive a degree in Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Toxicology.  Students who complete the ES&P program receive a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Policy. Clarkson University offers a competitive edge with its interdisciplinary teaching approach and collaborative working environment necessary to succeed in any future endeavors.  Environmental science at Clarkson is distinctive because we provide two flexible but rigorous degree programs that prepare our students for careers in a variety of industrial, consulting, governmental, and non-governmental organizations.

Environmental Health Science
The study of health hazards in our work and community environments. The field is continually evolving and current challenges include assessment of hazardous waste sites, assessment of air quality in our factories and offices, and ergonomic evaluations. Clarkson provides both a solid education and the opportunity to take advantage of the largest park area in the eastern US.

Environmental Science & Policy
Offers students a solid grounding in the tools and techniques of science and policy, as well as a working knowledge of their interdependence.


Environmental Health Science

Environmental Science & Environmental Policy

Sustainable Energy Systems Engineering

Sustainable Solutions for the Developing World

Other Undergraduate Environmental Programs

Environmental Engineering (B.S.)

Concentration in Environmental Engineering