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About the Institute

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The Clarkson Institute for a Sustainable Environment is home to Clarkson's environmental activities associated with research, interdisciplinary graduate and undergraduate degree programs, and outreach programs. The Institute was established to support Clarkson's long-standing expertise in this field and to increase collaboration among faculty.

Mission statement
The Institute for a Sustainable Environment is a collaborative and multidisciplinary community that serves as the hub for the University’s drive toward a sustainable world.  We facilitate high impact learning experiences, foster transformative scholarship, and engage the campus and broader community in order to understand and address environmental and sustainability challenges.

Vision, the ISE will:
  1. Serve as a valued partner and resource to support schools, departments, faculty and staff from across campus to achieve the university’s vision for sustainability.
  2. Support the development of graduates who will view problems with a broad systems perspective and use their knowledge, skills, and innovations to develop sustainable solutions for a rapidly changing world.
  3. Generate the knowledge and tools necessary to develop and implement sustainable solutions for regional and global environmental problems.
  4. Explore and develop philosophies, policies, processes, and products to preserve the environment and serve humanity for generations to come.
  5. Work within the region to improve quality of life through sustainable economic development and environmental protection.

The Clarkson Institute for a Sustainable Environment sponsors workshops, seminars, and a small grants program to foster links among its members and facilitate environmental activities.

Dr. Susan Powers

Susan E. Powers, the Spence Professor of Sustainable Environmental Systems, is the current Interim Director of the ISE.  She also serves as the Assoc. Director for Sustainability.

ISE Executive Committee 2015

The ISE is governed by an Executive Committee that includes representatives from each Clarkson’s Academic Schools.  Current members include:  co-chair Alan Rossner, ISE Assoc. Director; Stephen Bird and Joseph Skufca, A&S; Martin Heintzelman, CUSB and Brian Helenbrook, CSoE.

Staff photo

The ISE is supported by staff members Theresa Ferero, Carmen Camp, Michael Dinan (director, ADK Semester) and Alex French (Sustainability Coordinator).

Phil Hopkie

Philip Hopke was the director of the Institute for a Sustainable Environment from its establishment in 2010 through his retirement in 2015. His research areas include nucleation, receptor modeling, and ambient monitoring.