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Stephen Bird  

Stephen Bird (Joint appointment with CUSB)
Faculty Director, ADK Semester Program
Associate Professor of Political Science
Humanities & Social Sciences
271 Bertrand H. Snell Hall
Box 5750
Phone: 315-268-3990

Philip Hopke  

Philip Hopke
Bayard D. Clarkson Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Particulate Matter

Dr. Heintzelman

Martin Heintzelman (Joint appointment with CUSB)
Associate Professor of Economics & Financial Studies / Fred C. Menz Scholar
377 Bertrand H. Snell Hall
Box 5790
Phone: 315-268-6427

Dr. Susan Powers

Susan Powers (Joint appointment with CEE)
Director, Institute for a Sustainable Environment
Environmental Impacts of Energy Systems, Energy Education
123 TAC
Box 5715
Phone: 315-268-6542


Alan Rossner
Associate Professor/Associate Director for Education, ISE
122 TAC
Box 5715
Phone: 315-268-6470/2342


Dr. Helenbrook   Brian Helenbrook
Paynter-Krigman Endowed Professor in Engineering Science Simulation, Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering
357 CAMP Building
CU Box 5725
Phone: 315-268-2204

Joseph Skufca
Professor / Chair of Mathematics
355 Science Center
Box 5815
Phone: 3615-268-2399


Dr. Holsen   Thomas Holsen, Director
Jean S. Newell Distinguished Professor in Engineering
Associate Director Center for
Air Resources Engineering and Science (CARES)
204 Rowley Labs
Box 5710
Phone: 315-268-3851
dr. Dhaniyala  

Suresh Dhaniyala, Co-Director
Professor / Bayard D. Clarkson Distinguished Professorship
Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering
204 CAMP
Box 5725
Phone: 315-268-6574


Carmen Camp   Carmen Camp
Graduate Coordinator for ISE and Arts & Sciences
122 TAC
Box 5715
Phone: 315-268-2318

Alex French
Sustainability Coordinator
122 TAC
Box 5715
Phone: 315-268-4307


Lindsey McLean
Administrative Coordinator
122 TAC
Box 5715
Phone: 315-268-3856/2342


Draper, Erin Reh Center for
Young Entrepreneurs and Innovators Competition
Draper, Matthew Shipley Center

Innovation and Leadership, commercialization, transforming ideas into reality

Freeman, Marilyn CAMP

Materials Science, engineering;

Jemison, William Dean, Coulter School of Engineering

Microwave photonic systems and subsystems, microwave/mm-wave antenna design and measurement, radar systems, wireless and optical communications systems, lidar systems, biological applications of microwaves and photonics.

Platz, Terry

Beacon Institute

Smith, Dayle Dean, School of Business Social Entrepreneurship, developing countries
Thorpe, Chuck Interim Dean, School of Arts & Sciences

Carnegie Mellon Senior Leader and White House Fello, Robotics

Turner, Peter

Director of the Institute for STEM Education

Computational applied mathematics and computer arithmetic; functional analysis, optimization, numerical analysis, parallel processing, computer vision and computer algebra.


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Achuthan, Ajit Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering

Solid Mechanics and advanced materials: health monitoring of wind turbines, development of green data center 

Ahmadi, Goodarz Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering

Fluid mechanics applications for air pollution, PM transport and deposition, including into human lungs and health impacts, geological CO2 sequestration

Aidun, Daryush Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Reliability & life assessment of engineering components/systems
Andreescu, Silvana Chemistry

Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, sustainable nanotechnology

Atems, Bebonchu School of Business

Income inequality

Backus, Erik C.

Civil & Env.

Sustainable construction, energy/alternative energy metrics/management, alternate transportation impacts/planning
Baltus, Ruth Chemical & Biomolecular Eng

Ionic liquids (for carbon sequestration), membranes, sensors

Banerjee, Natasha Computer Science

Software design, application to human-machine interfaces for environmental applications

Banerjee, Sanjib (Sean) Electrical and Computer Eng

Data mining large scale repositories in environmental applications, opinion mining environmental issues, and software design for environmental applications interfaces

Bohl, Douglas G. Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Diagnostic techniques for measurement of fluid flows, use of biomimicry for design
Bonner, James Civil & Env.
Coastal processes / observations, real time measurement and analysis of riverine pollutants
Boolani, Ali Physical Therapy Cognitive function, fatigue, and technology as it relates to mental health, cognitive function and physical activity.
Budisic, Marko


Casper, Stephen

Humanities & Social Sciences

Crimi, Michelle

Engineering & Management

Professor/Director; development of in situ remediation technologies for treating contaminated groundwater, chemical oxidation of organic contaminants, impacts of in situremediation on aquifer quality, and the integration of treatment technologies for optimized risk reduction. 
Cleary, Katherine


David, Andrew School of Arts & Sciences

Parasite/pathogen reaction to climate change;

Dempsey, John Civil & Env.
Interim Chair of CEE; Effects of scale on the strength and fracture properties of structural materials, including Antarctic ice sheets
DeWaters, Jan Coulter School of Engineering Energy Literacy and assessment
Dhaniyala, Suresh Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Measuring atmospheric constituents that contribute to climate change, climate literacy and education
Dong, He

Chemistry & Biomolecular Sci

Duemer, Joseph

Humanities & Social Sciences

Professor Emeritus
Edzwald, James Civil & Environmental Eng Design and operation of water plants
Ferro, Andrea Civil & Env.
Indoor air quality, fate and transport of pollutants in the built environment, exposure versus health effect relationships for nanoparticles and allergens/asthmagens
Fite, Kevin

Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering

Development of power and actuation for portable power systems.
Frascatore, Mark

School of Business

Industrial organization, contract theory, and game theory.  Contracting along the supply chain under incomplete information.

Giffin, Adom


Goulet, Paul

Chemistry & Biomolecular Science

Synthesis, Characterization, and Application of Nanoparticles
Grimberg, Stefan Civil & Env.
Biofuels, waste for energy recovery (digestion)
Holsen, Thomas Civil & Env.
Determining the sources, movement, transformations and fate of environmental pollutants including emerging contaminants of concern  in a wide array of environmental systems including the Adirondacks and the Great Lakes.
Janoyan, Kerop Dean, Graduate School Sustainable buildings and infrastructure, renewable energy, sensors and controls, development of green data center; 
Jukic, Boris

School of Business

Katz, Evgeny Chemistry & Biomolecular Sci Biofuel cells, bioelectronics & bionanotechnology
Karis, Bill

Communications and Media

Kavanagh (Fowler), Kathleen


Numerical methods, mathematical modeling of water resource systems, modeling of water resources in agricultural systems 
Knack, Ian Civil & Env.
River ice processes including: sediment transport in rivers subject to freezing, river ice breakup dynamics, interaction of suspended sediment and frazil ice, effect of surface ice on channel stability, and fish habitat and ecology
Knack, Jennifer


Relationship between social pain and physical pain, health, and self-regulation.
Krishnan, Sitaraman Chemical & Biomolecular Eng

Molecular-scale engineering of surfaces and thin films - applied to organic solar cells, high temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells, and lithium ion batteries

Lado, Augustine School of Business

Strategic & International Management, including microfinance for sustainable development;

Langen, Tom Chair, Biology

Behavioral Ecology, conservation biology, wildlife habitat and human development;

Legault, Lisa School of Arts & Sciences How the source of motivation underlying beliefs, attitudes, and behavior influences the successful self-regulation of those beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors, applied to prejudice, energy conservation
Lee, Alex Communications & Media
Li, Jie Electrical & Computing Eng Secure, economic and reliable operation of emerging large-scale power systems, demand response and smart grid
Mahapatra, Santosh School of Business Green supply chain management, advanced manufacturing practices and environment management, re-manufacturing and reverse logistics
Martin, Jonathan Mathematics
Martinez, Cecilia Engineering & Management

lean for sustainability and healthcare, project management for complex products and systems;

Martinez, Marcias Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Structural health monitoring and smart structures, assess the reliability and structural integrity of mechanical and aerospace structures and whenever possible assist in extending their life
Matthews, Jeanna

Computer Science

Development of green data center
McLaughlin, John Chemical & Biomolecular Eng Polymers, fluid mechanics, and reaction engineering, example - modeling of air filters for low pressure environments
Mededovic Thagard, Selma Chemical & Biomolecular Eng Plasma oxidation for energy efficient water treatment, biofuel production
Minnetyan, Levon

Civil & Env.

Quantification of damage and degradation in composite structures, assessment of structural durability and damage tolerance
Mitlin, David

Chemical & Biomolecular Eng

Materials science for energy storage, renewables and conventional energy topics
Mousavian, Seyedamirabbas Amir

Engineering & Management

Power systems optimization and cyber-security for smart grids
Mondal, Sumona


Statistical methods applied to environmental problems
Nakao, Shunsuke Chemical & Biomolecular Eng Chemistry and physics of aerosol and clouds in the atmosphere with the goal of mitigating air pollution and climate change
Ortmeyer, Thomas Electrical and Computer Eng

Power engineering, microgrids, alternate energy, electric transportation, smart grid;

Parshad, Rana


Peethamparan, Sulapha Civil & Env.
Development, characterization, performance evaluation, and modeling of cement-based materials, primarily focusing on developing sustainable infrastructural materials;
Robinson, Christopher Humanities & Social Sciences Politics of Sustainable Development; Contemporary political theory as a series of responses to political trama.
Rogers, JoAnn Humanities & Social Sciences Social inequality, gender, masculinity
Rogers, Shane Civil & Env.
Fate, transport, and vectoring of microbial and chemical stressors in the environment, risks from exposure to pathogens in the environment and produce grown for human consumption
Schuckers, Stephanie Electrical and Computer Eng Paynter-Krigman Endowed Professor in Engineering Science; Processing and interpretation of signals which arise from the human body
Schulman, Lawrence


Statistical physics, condensed matter physics, quantum mechanics, cosmology
Semnani-Azad, Zhaleh

School of Business

Conflict management, negotiation, Culture, gender, diversity, communication, group process.

Shipp, Devon

Chemistry & Biomolecular Sci

Polymer Chemistries and Materials
Shen, Hayley Civil & Env.
Ocean wave and sea ice interactions, formation of pancake ice
Shen, Hung Tao Civil & Env.
Distinguished Research Professor in Hydraulic EngineeringRiver ice modeling, ice processes in Great Lakes Connecting Channels
Smith, Tyler Civil & Env.
Integrative watershed studies (hydrology, water quality, etc.) driven by quantitative analysis
Song, Guohui


Computational mathematics and statistics: Approximation theory, statistical machine learning, sampling theory, signal processing, & image processing.
Staiger, Annegret Humanities & Social Sciences Race and ethnicity in the US
Sun, Jie


Complex Networks and Dynamical Systemes
Sur, Shantanu


Nanomaterials impacts on cells
Twiss, Michael Biology Biogeochemical processes in Great Lakes and Rivers
Visser, Kenneth Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering Aerodynamics, sustainable energy, wind turbine technology development and implementation
Vitek, William Humanities & Social Sciences Philosophical basis for sustainability, intersection of social practices and the environmental, cultural, and historical contexts in which they occur
Wallace, Kenneth


Development of the digestive system and effects of nanoparticles exposure, using zebrafish.
White, Diana


Objective of research is to use analytical and numerical techniques to help understand biological problems of clinical importance
Wilke, Andreas


Human cognitive evolution: human judgement and decision-making capacities
Wriedt, Mario Chemistry & Biomolecular Sci Hydrogen fuel storage systems
Wu, Lei Electrical & Computer Eng Stochastic modeling and optimization of large-scale power systems, high penetration renewable energy, demand response, and power system reliability and economics
Wu, Weiming Civil & Env Engineering Sediment transport, water quality and aquatic ecosystem/ecotoxicology modeling; 
Xydias, Christina Humanities & Social Sciences Women's rights
Yao, Guangming Math & Computer Science Numerical simulation of air and water pollution, including groundwater remediation and air pollutants from wood stove
Yapa, Poojitha Civil & Env.
Oil spill modeling;