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Admissions Requirement

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Applicants must have a bachelor-level degree. If the applicant has at least five years of prior work experience in information technology, the undergraduate degree can be in any subject area. Otherwise the BA/BS degree must be in a technological field that requires computer competency. For instance, applicants should be able to show competence in at least one modern programming language (such as C, C++, Pascal, Java and related languages), familiarity with the use of a modern operating system, and experience with applications on multiple hardware platforms. Full graduate acceptance may be delayed and remedial coursework required of a student who lacks specified competencies.

Applications for admission should be submitted by May 15 for fall enrollment and by October 15 for spring enrollment. Foreign students for whom English is not the native language are required to submit TOEFL. GRE scores are also required.

Financial Assistance
Partial tuition scholarships are available for all accepted. This includes 12 credits of aid for every 30 credit hours taken.