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The Department of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering is the largest department at Clarkson with more than 20 faculty and undergraduate programs in both mechanical and aeronautical engineering with over 800 students, and graduate programs leading to master’s or doctoral degrees with over 55 sudents.

Mechanical Engineering deals with the design and manufacture of mechanical systems. Mechanical engineers make an impact in almost every aspect of modern society, due to the vital roles they play in the design and production of all material goods. Areas of study include machine design, robotics, manufacturing processes, thermodynamics and engines, fluid flow, composite materials properties, dynamics, acoustics, finite element analysis,  computer-aided design and welding metallurgy. Specific fields of study can range from biomechanics and assistive technologies for the disabled to automation and robotics systems, engine and propulsion systems, and the design of ships, submarines, aircraft and spacecraft.

Aeronautical Engineering is a specialized but highly diverse field of study. It encompasses such exciting areas as aircraft design, low- and high-speed aerodynamics, light-weight structures, stability and control of aerospace vehicles, and propulsion system design. Career options include tasks ranging from airframe design, wind-tunnel testing, engine design and testing, and flight testing of new vehicles, to the design of airliner cabin comfort systems. Working on high speed trains, space station structures and underwater vehicles are just some of the exciting career options for Aeros.

Students also benefit from extracurricular opportunities such as the annual AIAA Student Paper Competition, and award-winning SPEED collegiate design teams: Design, Build and Fly, Formula SAE , Mini Baja, and Clean Snowmobile.