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Industry Outlook and Careers

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Aeronautical Engineering is a specialized field with diverse career options that encompass challenging areas such as aircraft design, light-weight structures, stability and control of aerospace vehicles, propulsion systems, and low and high speed aerodynamics.

Aeronautical Engineers work on wind tunnel testing, engine design and testing, and flight testing of new vehicles, as well as the design of airliner cabin comfort systems.

Companies that recruit our graduates include:

Pratt and Whitney
B.F. Goodrich
General Dynamics
General Electric
Bombardier Aerospace
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Mechanical Engineers work on everything from submarines to spacecraft, from manufacturing the most delicate integrated circuit wafers to the strongest bridges. Automotive engineers, for example, are involved in every aspect of vehicle design, from creating an aerodynamic exterior to the details of wiring and engine efficiency under the hood.

Fields include: biomechanics and assistive technologies for people with disabilities; automation and robotics systems; engine and propulsion systems; design of ships, submarines, aircraft and spacecraft .

Companies that recruit our graduates include:

Babcock & Wilcox
Exxon Mobile
General Motors
General Electric
Pratt & Whitney

Alumni in the Field

  • Michael Sarafin '94

    Michael Sarafin '94

    NASA Flight Director

  • Mickala Henson '07

    Mickala Henson '07

    Army Helicopter Pilot

  • Sameer Abu-Zaid '91

    Sameer Abu-Zaid '91

    Creating a Carbon-Neutral City