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Pat Piperni

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Pat Piperni
Associate Professor
CAMP 356
Clarkson University
PO Box 5725
Potsdam, NY  13699-5725
Phone: 315-268-7620
Fax: 315-268-6695

Educational Background
Ph.D., University of Montreal (2003)
M.A.Sc., University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (1987)
B.Eng., McGill University (1984)
AE 431 - Gas Dynamics
AE 429 - Aircraft Performance & Flight Mechanics

Member of the AIAA MDO Technical Committee
Associate Fellow of the Canadian Aeronautics and
  Space Institute
Member of the Aircraft Design & Development Committee of the Canadian
   Aeronautics and Space Institute

Research Interests
Dr. Piperni’s research interests are in the area of aircraft aerodynamics, multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO) and conceptual design. He also has extensive experience in the aerospace industry, where he developed multi-level, multi-disciplinary optimization technologies and oversaw their application to the design of several aircraft now in service. 

Selected Publications

P. Piperni,
A. DeBlois and R. Henderson, "Development of a Multi-Level Multi-Disciplinary Optimization Capability for an Industrial Environment," AIAA  Journal, 2335-2352, 2013.

A.T. Tfaily, K. Huynh, P. Piperni and S. Liscouet-Hanke, "Landing Gear Integration in an Industrial Multi-Disciplinary Optimization Environment," SAE 2013 Aero Tech Congress, 2013.

P. Piperni, M. Abdo, F. Kafyeke and A. T. Isikveren, "Preliminary Aerostructural Optimization of a Large Business Jet," Journal of Aircraft, 1422-1438, 2007.

P. Piperni, M. Abdo and F. Kafyeke, "The Application of Multi-Disciplinary Optimization Technologies to the Design of a Business Jet," 10th AIAA/ISSMO Multidisciplinary Analysis and Optimization Conference, 2004.

P. Piperni and R. Camarero, "A Fundamental Solution to the Problem of Domain Decomposition in Structured Grid Generation," AIAA 2003-0951, 41st Aerospace Sciences Meeting & Exhibit, 2003.

F. Kafyeke, M. Abdo, F. Pepin, P. Piperni and E. Laurendeau, "Challenges of Aircraft Design Integration," RTO-MP-089, 2002.

P. Piperni, K. Patel and F. Kafyeke, "The Prediction of Aircraft Trim Drag in Transonic Flight Using CFD," 46th Annual CASI Conference, 1999.

P. Piperni, "New Elliptic Grid Generation Equations with Exact Curvature Control," Numerical Grid Generation in Computational Field Simulations, 267-276, 1998.

F. Kafyeke, P. Piperni, F. Mokhtarian and N. Djilali, "Development of a Transonic Euler Method for Complete Aircraft Configurations," Canadian Aeronautics and Space Journal, 1993.

F. Kafyeke and P. Piperni, "Application of the MBTEC Euler Code to the Challenger and to the CF-18 Complete Aircraft Configurations," Canadian Aeronautics and Space Journal, 1993.

P. Piperni, F. Mokhtarian and F. Kafyeke, "Multi-block Grid Generation for Complete Aircraft Configurations," Canadian Aeronautics and Space Journal, 1992.

S.J. Price and P. Piperni, "An Investigation of the Effect of Mechanical Damping to Alleviate Wake-Induced Flutter of Overhead Power Conductors," Journal of Fluids and Structures, 53-71, 1988.

P. Piperni, "A Complete Linearized Theory for the Analysis and Design of Two-Dimensional Hydrofoils Near a Free Surface," NASA STI/Recon Technical Report N 88, 13531, 1987.