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Bachelor of Science program in Mechanical Engineering

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The objective of the Mechanical Engineering program are that graduates:

1. Will competently apply engineering methods to solve professional problems associated with the design, manufacture, and maintenance of electromechanical systems and understand the social, ethical, and environmental context of their work.
2. Will communicate clearly, collaborate competently in teams, and assume leadership roles.
3. Will have the habit of continuous professional development.

Download the Mechanical Engineering Curriculum: 

ME Curriculum Sheet

ME Honors Curriculum Sheet

ME Class of 2018 and Above

ME Honors Class of 2018 and Above

The 120-credit program contains 84 credit hours of required technical courses, 36 credit hours of electives (including two professional electives, two undesignated electives and five Knowledge Area/University Course, KA/UC, electives).

The first two years of the curriculum cover mathematics, physics, chemistry and engineering science courses (including basic principles of statistics, dynamics, solid mechanics, electrical circuits, materials and the use of computers). In the third and fourth years, students take specialized courses on topics such as fluid mechanics and mechanical vibrations and control. These courses provide knowledge and skills that strongly support the second outcome listed above, which is a key element in thermo-mechanical systems design.

Training in professional problem-solving begins in the spring of the second year, with the first course in engineering design. This lays the foundation for the fourth-year capstone design course. In the capstone course, students work in teams to design and evaluate thermo-mechanical systems that meet real needs.

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