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Packaging Exams

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When you package your exams, please include scantron sheets or blue books, if required by students.  After placing your exams in an envelope (or box), seal it and sign or initial over the seal.  Tape the exam coversheet to the outside of the package.  We do not open your exams until administration time, so please make sure we have a sufficient number of copies. Some instructors choose to send extra copies of the exam and this prevents any last minute exam pickups for late additions to the testing schedule. Unused copies are all returned with the completed exams. We do not copy exams without your permission unless we are in a position where we cannot reach you and the Director of OAS deems it necessary to do so.

If you notice a need for corrections to your exams after we have received them, please feel free to contact us and we will open the package, make the corrections and reseal. 

If we are in an emergency situation, we prefer that you do not reuse coversheets and please never revise or create your own coversheet without contacting us.  This creates a significant amount of clerical work, confusion and unnecessary backtracking for us.  Rather, please contact our office and we will create a coversheet according to the circumstance.

If you have any special needs or you are going to be traveling prior to or during the exam administration time, please contact us if we can be of assistance.  We are happy to do what we can to ensure a smooth exam experience for everyone. 

You will be sent only one e-mail exam request with a coversheet attachment three days ahead of the exam date.  If you will be off campus during this time, please contact our office ahead of time and we will send you a coversheet and make other exam preparations early.