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Use of OAS Testing Services

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Faculty members are under no obligation to use our testing services as long as they can provide all of the required accommodations. If a student needs to use special assistive software or has another accommodation that you cannot provide, we would expect that the student would test with OAS, so that all accommodative needs can be met.  There may also be times when a student’s Schedule & Accommodations Report/Green Sheet simply says Extended Time, but the student may want/need to test with OAS due to the special nature of their disability.  OAS may not be able to share the reason with you because of confidentiality.  Please be assured that such circumstances are not due to any lack in the services you provide to students. 

Our testing services are designed to be efficient given the number of exams we administer and the other services we provide to students. It may not work well with some faculty members' teaching styles. When it is feasible for faculty members to provide their own testing, OAS would be happy to work those who are interested in administering exams to our shared students to ensure that accommodations are appropriately provided.

If course-specific software is used for your exams, we will not be able to administer the exam, but we will certainly work with you to ensure an appropriate environment for your students, should you request assistance.